Sleepless Delirium {Tues10} {Pinning}

Here's the deal.  Mac has been sick.  What started with Caitlin and a low grade fever, turned into Mac puking from midnight to four am on Monday morn.  So on little sleep, and no caffeine (had to quit it back in Feb.), I've been parked on my couch watching the world go by via Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.  Alas, I believe the bug has now hit me... So I'm most likely going to be MIA for the next few days... Apologies.

Here's what's been happening:

Me and sick Mac on the couch.
Chillin' to Disney Jr and Nick Jr.
Thank God, for 24 hour toddler programming!

New. Favorite. Show.
It's raunchy and hilarious.
Two of my favorite things.
Both that I aspire to be...LOL

Also since I couldn't resist today's Tuesday 10 is the 90s.
It's just begging to be posted about.
Here are my favorites of the 90s


Blood, Sugar, Sex, Magic.
My first ever CD.
That's right, there once was a time when there were no CDs.
In a galaxy far far away without Internet.
Yeah, I'm that old.
On the plus side.
This CD is legit!

My first crush.
Damaged + Prepschool = Amazing.

My favorite movie of the 90s.
Saw it like 6 times in the theatre.
Not sure how since I was just 17.
But this forever changed me.
It also taught me valuable lessons.
Like a "royale with cheese", never to say "what" again,
and if in doubt call the "Wolf".

The best magazine of my generation.
For reals.
If you never read an issue I'm truly sorry.
There is nothing today as empowering as Sassy was back then.
Plus, it pretty much solidified that I had to be come a writer.
(I'm still working on that)

First I met these guys.
Nirvana changed everything.
Including how music made me feel.
How music could change my moods.

Then I met these guys.
And fell in love.
They wrote the best love songs and break up songs.
Mark Hoppus, 2nd crush.

Favorite TV show of the 90s.
I wanted to be Angela Chase.
3rd Crush, Jordan Catalano.
Also they show repeats on IFC!

This was how I wanted to dress freshman and sophomore year.
Grunge was what it was all about.
And I wanted a piece of that pie.
I bought a pair of Doc's with my birthday money the year I turned 15.
My mom still has them packed away.

Then this is how I finished my high school career.
Dressed like Gwen Stefani.
She was my style Guru for most of the late 90s.
Dickies, cut off wife beaters, crazy furs.
I was "just a girl".

This is who I wanted to be when I grew up in the 90s.
Janeane Garofalo.
She was a writer and an actress.
And she was hilarious.
Black hair, bangs, red lips.
Who am I kidding?
I still want to be her!!

All of these pictures can be found here on my "likes" page.
Since I'm short on time, I thought you could just reference them here.
I'm not trying to steal them or take credit for them.

And since we are on the subject of Pinterest.  Have you ever linked up at A Night Owl Blog?  Well she is one of my fancy June sponsors, and I've been wanting to link up to her Pinning party forever!

So since the majority of what was featured in my 90's post was from Pinterest,
done and done right?
Here are my newest pins.
Pinned around 3 am on Monday when Mac was in between sleep and puking.

Pinned Image
Pinterest: me via Huiting via

Pinned Image

Pinterest: me via Amanda Luby via

And this is why, iPhones and sleepless delirium do not mix!
Have I provided you with enough material for a few days?
I hope that this bug/flu doesn't take over and ruin Father's day!
Pray for all us sickies!!


  1. hehe, love it! well, not the puking part...but the rest! ;) the "now we're just somebody that you used to know pin" made me LOL. pure awesomeness. thanks for linking up with us!!


  2. I totally love this! I'm so sorry that you're sick though! Hopefully it passes through quickly.

  3. haha love the last photo. Saw you as a fellow sponsor on a night owl and wanted to say hello!!

  4. Meg's...GIRLS is the ish! I caught it OnDemand and just died! This post is the best ever,I can relate on so many levels.Can we please hang soon?Feel better soon friend xoxo

  5. Yay for Gwen Stefani! I so loved No Doubt.

  6. I feel bad for the sick baby! I forgot GWEN! I love her! HAHAH! Check out my Tuesday 10! I had fun with this today! Glad I found ya.

  7. Hi! I'm a new follower and also followed you via GFC. I'm sorry to hear about the sickness, but those funny..brought me down memory lane! Thanks for that!

  8. i'm a little behind... but hope Mac is feeling better!! and my best friend and i used to read sassy!! hehehe

  9. Oh my goodness…I'm dying! I so loved "My So Called Life". What an angsty teenagers dream come true! Also a huge Nirvana fan…hello - Seattle grunge movement native - right here!