Love/Hate {Volume One}

So I met a new friend.  Her name is Noel, that's "no-el", and she has this super fab blog where she talks about her beautiful life, her faith, poetry, the bible, really let's just say she blogs about everything.  And of course I'm smitten.  So when I got a lovely email inviting me to link up, how could I say no?  I mean obvs she reads this blog and knows I have yet to meet a link up I don't like.

So here we go with Love/Hate, which is a super cool way to get out some stuff you may or may not be sitting on.  And of course with every linky it's a chance to meet new peeps.  I have a feeling that this won't be the only Love/Hate post around here... It's way too fun.

Link up your own Love/Hates here

Hate: Sick babies
Love:  24 hour toddler programming
What did we do before Nick Jr and Disney Jr?

Love: Having comments on this blog
Hate: when I can't reply back via email

Love: Sunday night programming,
Don Draper, Eric Northman
Hate: Having to say goodbye to Don,
it was the Season Finale!

Love: Posting WIW on Wednesdays
Hate: Forgetting to take pictures of the
2 killer outfits I wore last Saturday.
Blogger fail!

Pinned Image
Pinterest: me via Diana Taylor via familyeverafterblog
Love: This summer fruit salad
Hate: The price of fruit
Love: A trip to the farmers market
Hate: It's supposed to be 102 on Friday,
the day of said farmers Market!

Love: That I found this magazine cover on Pinterest.
Hate: That I no longer own said magazine,
and that they don't make them like this anymore!

Love: Blogging the night away
Hate: my 6:30 am wake up call

Love: Link ups something fierce
Hate: Saying goodbye to this one


  1. I was so sad to say goodbye to Mad Men again. It feels like it just started! I can't get enough!

  2. I am blushing, I can't believe you are smitten with me ;) Sorry to hear you had a sicky kiddo this week too ;( I don't know of this Sunday line up that you speak of... hmm... what is the name of the show?
    I LOVE this whole list and thank you so much for linking up and pasting my face up all over your page here! It means a lot to me.

  3. Hate when my babies are sick I feel helpless.
    I also hate when I can't reply to someone's comment because they don't have their email enable. ERR! Lol

  4. I miss SASSY magazine!
    Great post... Going to check out Noel's, blog so I can link up next time!