LunchBox Love {A Giveaway}

I was recently approached by Say Please.  Say Please sells card packs called "Lunchbox Love", little messages of encouragement with some humor added in for fun.
Here is what they have to say about themselves:

"The mission of Say Please is to improve the quality of everyday life
through the sharing of kind words.
Our core product is Lunchbox Love for Kids™
which are sets of small cards that parents put in their kids’ lunches each day.
On the front of the card is a thoughtful, loving message
and on the back of the card is fun trivia for kids.
We believe that a parent’s loving words are as essential to a child’s health
and hygiene as a nutritious meal,
and this conviction led to the creation of our company."

Not only that, but a portion of their profits go to The Lunchbox Fund.  The Lunchbox Fund is working hard to provide meals to at risk and disadvantaged youth in South Africa.  To read more about where they give click here.   

Since they were so kind in sending me my own set of Lunchbox Love for Kids, I'm looking forward to putting them in the goody bags I'm making up for Caitlin's birthday this weekend.  They are cute and colorful, and some of the trivia will be entertaining to the little folks.  Here's a picture taken from their website,
Lunchbox Love for Kids

What I really love is that the Lunchbox Love doesn't end with the kiddos.  There is Lunchbox Love for Girlfriends, Loved Ones, and Co-workers.  These little cards could be dropped into someone's bag at the gym, handed to the Starbuck's cashier, or left with the tip at a restaurant.  Wouldn't it brighten your day to see this colorful card wishing you well? 

To sweeten this deal and to thank you for reading this promotional post, I'm going to giveaway two packs of Lunchbox Love.  One lucky winner will receive one Lunchbox Love vol. 2 and one Lunchbox Love for Camp.  I'm making this an easy peasy giveaway too.  All I ask is that you Tweet about this giveaway.  For an additional entry visit Say Please and comment on your favorite Lunchbox Love pack. 

Not to worry if your kiddo isn't old enough for school or camp.  The cards are pretty universal.  I'm going to sneak one into the hubby's laptop case.  It says "I love spending time with you", and on the flip side it says, "Did you know that the stomach has to produce a layer of mucus every two weeks..."  I know, I'm such a romantic.

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  1. I am in love with these! They're adorable!!

  2. These are so wonderful!

  3. lunch box love for who you appreciate in your life!