What Caitlin Wore {The "Stylish"}

Most of the time getting Caitlin dressed is the biggest fight of the day.  Girlfriend has her own style.  At a week shy of 5 years old, she could in fact be the next Rachel Zoe.  I say that because she mixes prints like you see pinned on Pinterest.  She wears the oddest color combos, and yet pulls them off gloriously.  It's not uncommon to see her in a tutu and halter top, which by the way, why are we making halter tops in 5T? 

Anyway, Father's Day was no exception.  Let me start by saying that it was 109 degrees on Sunday.  One. Oh. Nine.  So right off the bat, I was pushing for a nice sundress, one of four hanging in her closet.  I was also pushing for it to be a fairly new one, since lately she wants to wear the ratty one, since the other nice ones are for "later".  "Later" is used quite loosely.  Since we were going to be swimming most of the day anyway, I just nodded in agreement to her fashion choices.  Here is what she picked out.

B&W Stripped Leggings - Target (part of a set)
Zebra Tank - Forever 21 (I'm in awe of the kids dept)
Red Butterfly Hat - Vendor at the Fresno Home & Garden Show
Purple Flippies - Old Navy (and too small)
Capri Sun - Vons

I've been told by a dearest Mommy friend, who has a 5 year old fashionista that this is normal behavior for a 5 year old.  However, we've been having this convo since the girls were 4.  I'm still adjusting to this kid, my kid, who is a super fashionista since I could not pay the girl to wear a dress the first 3 years of her life.  Sandals either.  Girlie wore Vans and leggings to pretty much everything.  Yet, now she tells me that when she grows up she wants to be the "Fashion outfit picker".  I told her that's called a "stylist", and so she now says she wants to be a "stylish". 

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  1. I have a 10 year old boy that makes interesting wardrobe choices...(like a long sleeved double tshirt and jeans with flipflops on Monday...which was 96 degrees...I kept telling him he could change, should change, would be too hot...he says, "I can roll up the sleeves Mom, geeze" sigh.

  2. She is so cute! And she's got style...I'm sure she would be a fabulous "stylish". Adorable!

  3. I love it!! You should see some of the outfits my cousins 4 year old daughter picks out. Pretty awesome stuff. I kinda can't wait for my daughter to get into this stuff cause then maybe she'll actually want to get dressed!

    1. She will. And then you will wish for the days when she just wore whatever you picked out. Oh, and that naked thing never goes away really. My gal spends most of the day in her dora undies! LOL

  4. She is adorable! My Niece is only 2 and tells my Sister "no Mommy that ugly" when shes dressing her.

  5. OMG! I am about to die she is SO cute!

  6. This post made me smile so big! That is just adorable. My 5 year old does this all the time and comes downstairs and says "I know, I know...I can explain" LOL Sometimes it is just easier to let her rock her cowgirl books with shorts and a dress from 2 years ago..I'm over it;) Glad I'm not the only one!!!

    1. Do the cowboy boots at least fit? I had to hide her two sizes too small boots because she had been wearing them like they were her only pair of good shoes! Can you imagine what the teenage years are going to be like??

  7. Lol how sweet. She should give fashion tips out to the rest of us! Haha


  8. Loving those striped leggings. Cute girl you've got, Megan.