Kindergarten {The first week}

No one ever can prepare you for motherhood.
It's not possible.
Because every ones experience is different.
Every child is different.
There are books, and mom friends,
but in the end, it's just you and your child.
I knew, in my heart, that Kindergarten would be an adjustment.
I knew that it wasn't going to be the usual, status quo.
Because my kids, my motherhood, my life is never status quo.
And that's ok.
After 5 years of navigating this journey,
I'm more than ok with bumps in the road.
So we started kindergarten.
Bright and early on Monday morning.
Earlier than we had been up all Summer.
We were excited and nervous.
The first day met all our expectations!
WIW: Kindergarten!
Dress and Shoe: Gymboree
Lunch box and Bag Pack: Target
Squinty eyes: The SUN!
Yep, that's her desk.
I just about cried.
Desks are a big deal.
It's where the educational magic happens.
Found our seat.
What's the first thing a blogging mama does?
Take one for Instagram.
Here is a better smile!
Can't tell you who is more nervous.
Daddy or Caitlin.
Here he is giving her a pep talk.

Kindergarten is always better with friends.
Here is her BF from Preschool.
The power of Prayer y'all!
So our first day was amazing.
This is what she looked like when I picked her up.

"It was a great day", Caitlin, 5 years old
And here is how she looked on Thursday morning.
 Here she is on Friday morning.
Signing up for "cold lunch".
And you all would just go on thinking that we
were having a grand old time in Kindergarten.
That we had a painless and tearless first week.
But I don't blog that way.
So here is what happened every morning after the first day.
My big girl, trying to wipe away all the tears before going into class.
You see, she doesn't like that she has to walk in without me.
She has to line up with her classmates and walk to her desk.
Independent of Mom.
Like a big girl.
So every morning we are fine, until we have to line up.
And then the waterworks start.
I put on my brave face.
I smile, and tell her how proud I am of my Kindergartner.
That I know she can do it.
That I will be here to pick her up before she knows it.
Then I wait until she is inside, and hide around the corner.
And then peek in the tinted window to see,
what I was pretty sure of,
she is just fine, no tears, taking her place at carpet time.
No one can prepare you for the emotional roller coaster of motherhood.
Thank God, though.
I love the ride.


  1. Oh! This almost made ME cry! My youngest's first day is Tuesday. We went to open house Thursday night and saw her room, desk and cubby for her coat and bookbag. The room looks alot like your little one's!

    Pray for me Tuesday morning, please!


  2. Oh my gosh! What a sweet story! And what a brave little girl (and mom and dad). :)

  3. Ack! This made me cry. I would blame pregnancy hormones, but mostly it's because tomorrow is my turn. Irelyn has already told me a few times that she will miss me while she is at school and when she tells me she starts to cry which then makes me cry. It's a vicious cycle. I only hope that if she starts to cry tomorrow that I can suck it up and hold it together for her. She is more excited than anything else, but it is completely new to her since we couldn't afford preschool. We'll see how it goes and, of course, I will be blogging about it. :)

  4. Such a sweet post. Go mommy & little one for being brave this first week and sticking it out!

  5. Totally cried.. Me and my prego hormones cry when any little one cries!! I"m almost glad I held off on preschool til next year!

  6. Totally cried! My son starts preschool in two weeks and I know that I am going to have a hard time and that he will too. I remember how hard of a time I gave my parents and now I feel so bad about that. :(