Lazy Toms {why I haven't blogged in days}

I have to keep reminding myself that the blog will be there tomorrow.
Lately I find that I get super stressed or pressured if I don't post Monday through Friday.
Then I have to remind myself that this blog will be there.
Tomorrow, the next day, and the day after that.
And if I continually sit in front of the screen, I'm not going to have much to write about.
I haven't written a word since last Thursday.
Sometimes silence is golden.
Sometimes silence is needed.
Sometimes silence feels pretty damn good.
Me and my lazy Toms yesterday.
I had planned on blogging for most of Sunday.
Then we decided to take a trip to see my in laws in Tulare.
And do a little outlet shopping.
It was a day well spent with family.
We completed two "100 Days" projects.
This one is mine.
Some of my IG friends asked what this was all about.
It's to commemorate the 100th day of school.
Caitlin originally asked for 100 cupcakes, then 100 cake pops.
We settled on 100 lollies.
Got the inspiration here via Pinterest.
This gal is getting to big for her britches.
These are clothes from our cousin Charlie.
Thank the Lord for hand me downs that look brand new!
You want to know who else is too big for their britches?
This girl.
This is her at almost Midnight last Monday night after a late nap.
All sass and duck face.
Let's just say this late nap/late nights snowballed into a sleepless week.
Which means I had quite a week myself: including bad moods, outbursts and tantrums.
Oh, Mac didn't do any of those... I did.
This is me.
Mixing prints and then making sure my gals on IG approved.
I'm so glad I went out on a fashion limb.
Friday we spent a little time in the ER.
Mac fell flat on her face after running on hardwood in socks.
I have to say that she is my kid that falls and goes splat.
This time she wasn't herself as quickly as I would like.
Thankfully we were in and out in an hour.
We shall see if we caught any other diseases from waiting in an ER.
And yes she was fine.
Here's your proof.
She found my heels on Saturday morning.
She's working those heels, am I right?
I'm thinking Sunday is the perfect day for lazy Toms, impromptu trips with the family,
and remembering that the bloggy will always wait for your return.
Your kids and family on the other hand may not...


  1. You have the cutest little girls I have ever seen! Enjoy your family time, girl!

  2. Haha, workin those heels like it's no one's business! And I know exactly what you meant by seeing what other diseases you caught while being in the ER. My hubby is a firefighter/paramedic and tells me horror stories of people ending up sicker than when they came in....scares me to go to the hospital!! Glad it was nothing serious though :)

  3. That little girl has to be the cutest thing ever! Her face looks so sad in the ER. She reminds me of my daughter, or what my daughter will be in about a year!

    I think it's perfectly fine to be lazy!

  4. Yes love! Blogging will always wait patiently for you to return and so will your readers! Your girls are adorbs and I'm so glad Mac is okay!

  5. With girls as cute as yours spending time with the family over the weekend is the right thing to do. Glad Mac is okay!

  6. Love that pic of your sweetie in the heels. It seems like yesterday mine were running around in mine. Now they want to borrow them for reals....thank goodness only one of my girls ended up with the same size foot otherwise I'd never have any shoes in my closet.

    And blog breaks are nice. I took a long one for a bout three months... It was nice just living life and not thinking about blogging about it. But I'm back in the saddle again and it's a joy again for me.

    ps. I've got those same TOMS. Don't you just love em?