The Hubbs {happy birthday a-hole}

Don't worry, that's pet names in these parts.
That's a little something you'd know if you were our friends in real life.
Those of you reading who know us in real life a probably laughing.
I've been trying to get the Hubbs to do a guest post for awhile.
He keeps turning me down.
Can we put it to a vote readers?
Wouldn't you like to hear from AbsoluteHubbs?
By the way, that pet name is actually fighting words.
He hates when I call him that!
I think it's cute!
Anyway, today is his birthday and I decided I'm going to give a top
10 list of what I love about him.
He's going to hate it, but I don't care.
My blog.
My list.
Of course on his birthday I'd make it all about me.
It's a wonder he married me at all!
Here are just some of the reasons I love the Hubbs.
He loves me anyway.  No matter what I do (spend our life savings at Target). 
No matter what I don't do (vacuum, dishes, laundry, bathrooms).
He's the hardest working man I know.  Both outside and inside the home. 
He's the master of bath time and bedtime.  He can clean this house in an hour. 

I love him because he makes me stay up late to debate things like the 2nd Amendment, President Obama, or the characters and story lines of Harry Potter.  And while blood may boil and voices get raised, it's really all in good fun.  There are so many things to be passionate about in life.

I love him because he thinks I read too much, blog too much, and watch way too much tv.  Because he laughs when I get obsessed with books that become movies.  Because he tries so hard in vain not to play along, then to be sucked into the pop culture abyss. 
He keeps me laughing.  No matter the situation, how mad I am, or how sad I am. 
Laughter is the best medicine.
He loves his girls. 
He's not afraid to let loose on the dance floor.  Serious or not. 
I love cutting a rug with this guy.
He makes incredibly cute babies.
Because he stole this wig from a friend of mine, and
it's one of the best memories I have of him and I during our drunken college days. 
That's when our story began. 
This is the guy I fell for...

celebrating his 25th

I love him because this was us then...
And this is us now.
Happy Birthday, Hubbs.


  1. Happy Birthday AbsoluteHubbs! You make Megs happy which makes us happy....
    Hope you get everything you want tonight:) (you can add on "in bed" to IS your birthday!)
    Love ya Megan:):):)

  2. Aww Happy Birthday!! A guest post would be awesome ;)

  3. I don't see my comment on here?? Was it too risque? HAHA! I kid I kid. But anywhoo wanted to make sure he knew I wished him a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! And umm... my birthday is next month and he should TOTALLY do a guest post as my present. Just putting it out there :) I seriously am smiling so wide looking at the then and now pics. WOOT WOOT for awesome husbands who rock!