Slumber Parties, Red Lips, Boys{Looking Back 1991}

Welcome to another edition of Looking Back!
This has been such a fun link up for me, but maybe not so fun for the Hubbs.
I say that because I made him move heaven and earth to find some pictures today.
Let's just say I'll be ready for the next 10 link ups.
Yeah, I'm a photo hoarder!
Let's get on with the show, that is, 1991.
I'm going to cheat a little and share some pictures from December 1990,
which is basically '91.  
I was in 7th grade in 1991, and after a few weeks in "loaner-ville" at a brand new school, I finally made some friends.  Junior High brought on a life of it's own.  I wasn't just at a new school, I was taking the bus to and from said school.  Then I was coming home to an empty house for at least 2 hours.  Oh, put down your iPhone, that was perfectly normal back then.  And since I had made a friend or two, I rarely came home alone. 
On the contrary, I was living it up.
Case in point this picture and my bestie from 7th grade sitting on Santa's lap.

Sure we are a little old for the big guy.
You can barely see him.
And sadly I think I'm wearing fleece/sweat pants.
That obviously do not match my 49ers jacket.
Which was my dads.
Also nice spiral perm, tell me I'm not the only one...
Let me say that this bestie will forever have my heart.
She taught me many lessons on friendship, and we were able to connect recently on Facebook.  I've also re-connected with her mom, which was also awesome!  She posted some pics from my bestie's 14th birthday slumber party last year.  We were in our PJ's with bright red lipstick on.  Because that's what 13/14 year old fashionistas do at slumber parties right?

Here is a picture from said slumber party.
I will tell you that Vanilla Ice was playing in the background.
That we all sang along to Ice Ice Baby.
That we may or may not have given each other make overs with Revlon Red lip samples and blue and purple eyeshadow.  Nothing says slumber party like awesome makeovers.
Also we may or may not have prank called a few people who were boys that we may or may not have had crushes on.
I'll admit to nothing.
What I will admit to is that we watched Saturday Night Live.
Because this was Mike Myers in his prime!!
Shortly after we pretended to go to sleep,
only to be woken up by my besties mom and chocolate chip pancakes.
Oh, to be 13 again!!
I'll close with a very old Polaroid of me in the summer of 1991.
I remember the sweater I'm wearing because it came from Contempo Casuals.
I remember that summer because it was the first summer I stayed home alone while my parents worked.  Don't worry I was a boring kid in comparison to kids these days.  I stayed up most nights until 2 and slept until noon the next day.
To be able to sleep with reckless abandon now?  To be a kid again.

I think my smile says it all.
Now it's your turn!
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  1. Aw, you were so cute! Love the pic of Santa and how you can't see him! LOL