I'm the blogger who...


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I'm the blogger who is lazy.
I've just decided in the last couple of days.
Because for the last week, there were a million other things I'd rather do than blog.
Like I was quite enjoying Pinterest.  For almost 2 hours the other night.  I was quite fond of watching the Golden Globes instead of actually writing this post in particular.  I also didn't really mind that both my girls wanted me to put them to bed.  I just didn't really want to sit in front of the screen.  This leads me to believe that I would make a horrible professional blogger.  Which is hilarious because I used to want to be one.  Don't get me wrong.  I'd love to be a popular blogger, with millions of adoring fans, but I think I'd fail miserably. 
Because I'm lazy.
I'm the blogger who hates setting up giveaways.  Rafflecopter makes me break out into a sweat.  Sending out emails to sponsors makes me feel like a beggar.  The whole thing is panic attack inducing.  I'm just not cut out for it.  Then after I spend an eternity on rafflecopter, set the whole thing up, copy and paste all the blurbs, links, and pictures, and hit publish:  that's where it ends.  No seriously, I hit publish and hide under the covers.  I forget to promote it.  I forget to tweet it, I forget to copy and paste the link at the end of other posts.  Then if that's not enough, I forget to pick a winner. 
I'm the blogger who totally sucks at paid sponsorships.  My sidebar is lovely.  I have loved having sponsors, but I am not organized enough to have paid sponsors on my blog.  I don't even have a job and I fail at this blogging venture.  I have to say, PassionFruitAds makes it almost effortless, but I still feel guilty because I'm sure most of my sponsors get little to no traffic from me.  So then I feel double guilty because I'm actually charging money.  This part of the process is most likely going to stop.  I'm pretty sure that I'm going to go back to swaps, and just a few at that.  At one time I had up to 30 swaps on here, because I didn't want to say no to anyone.  To say it was overwhelming...
I'm way too lazy and unorganized to have paid sponsorships.  My apologizes to former sponsors.
I'm the blogger who likes TV way too much.  I like books a lot too.  This past summer it was ok to blog the nights away.  Most of my shows were on hiatus.  Now that TV is back in full swing, I'm glued to the couch Thursday nights for sure.  The other nights are usually spent catching up on the previous nights DVR.  I'm sorry but sometimes forcing a post isn't as fun as singing along with Blaine and the New Directions.  Or watching Fitz and Olivia on Scandal.  Also note, that if I crack open a good book I like, I totally forget that I'm an actual member of society.  Just ask the hubbs.
I'm the blogger who hates her email inbox.  Like loathe.  I'm sure most of you realize this, since I check my email like once a day.  And if it seems like there are an overwhelming amount that require my attention, I just hit the home key on my iPhone.  I'm kind of sorry about this, but I'm not.  This is why I'm a horrible blogger.  I miss the boat for almost everything because I put emails on the back burner. 
I'm the blogger who is horrible at responding to comments.  Never in a timely manner, and sometimes never.  I'm sorry.  Like really, really, wish I could buy you a new (scarf, Starbucks, new pair of Toms) sorry.  I read each one.  I am the blogger who checks my posts 4 or 5 times a day for new comments, but when it comes to responding is really awful about it.  Trust me the guilt is there and if I told you what I did with a handful of comments the other day, you'd probably disown me or stop following all together.  I'll give you a hint, it involves "delete all".  Go ahead, I deserve it.
I'm the blogger who is a procrastinator.  I've put off writing this post all day.  And I'm still not doing it justice.  The 2nd season of Girls started tonight and I feel like it's calling me out right now.  I did everything today including dishes, laundry, and cleaning out my office junk drawer, just because I could not force myself to sit at the computer.  Totally lazy, which I blame on it being Sunday, the NFL post season, and ice freezing cold outside. 
But I'm the blogger who is making a promise to do better this week, this month, this year.  I'm the blogger who wants to refocus, write when the mood strikes me, and ignore the numbers that tick on and off my followers board.  My 2nd bloggy birthday is coming up, and after two years, I think I finally know what works and what doesn't.
I'm the blogger who is going to write, live, blog, be.
Even if I am a lazy one.


  1. Love your honesty and don't worry about responding. I love your blog regardless and this post makes me love you just that much more.
    It is always good to improve oneself. I work on that daily.

  2. Amen Megs!! Do what works for you! I def wouldnt call u a lazy bloggr. You sharing your heart and awesome writing is valuable to me. Love you lady!!

  3. So we share the same brain. Because everything you said is EVERYTHING I have felt for a long long time too. Like to.the.T! So so glad I'm not alone and so so glad that you weren't afraid to speak out and be honest about your true blogging feelings :) I love your blog though and think that whatever works for you is the best :)

  4. I was going to say that you always respond to all of my comments, but you really don't have to. Honestly, I usually forget that I've left a comment on someone's blog until they do respond. Even if I've left a question in a comment on a blog, I usually forget about it! Okay now that you've read this, I want you to delete the email! Delete it now! ;)

  5. I think it's perfectly fine to be lazy. I feel lazy most of the time!

  6. I'm going to write how much I LOVED this post. This is how I feel most of the time as a new blogger (who knows nothing) and who loves reading other people's blogs, but I know your not probably gonna read this...and that is ok :)