Blogger Fail. Mom Fail. Done.

I've been trying to blog all day.
Real life had some other plans.
Usually this is not a problem for me.
I'll just go with the flow.
Today was a different story.
Mac pulled an all nighter last night.
Then decided to take a close to 3 hour nap late this afternoon.
Which means she just went back to bed.
Late nights for Mac mean late nights for mom.
And early mornings for Caitlin mean early mornings for Mom.
A one am bedtime is not ok when you have a six am wake up call.
Plus today was my school volunteer day.
I totally sucked at today.
I was tired.
I was grouchy.
I was bitchy.
I thought I kept it together really well.
I even tried out a new recipe on the family.
I even started the post I was trying to do all day.
Then bed time happened.
And mommy lost herself for a moment.
Because someone didn't want to go to bed.
And mommy wanted to finish her post.
Tantrums were thrown.
By an adult (me) and a child (Mac).
I may or may not have tried a "scream it out" method.
The whole house is asleep now.
Except for me.
Who is not all that inspired to write her original post.
That was supposed to be witty and sharp.
Now, I'm just exhausted.
Physically and emotionally.
And of course I feel guilty.
Instead I think I'll watch the Mindy Project and Cougar Town.
Because I need a really good laugh.
Again I will not go to bed at a decent time.
I can never sleep when I'm in a guilt spiral.
Can you?
You can still win $50 to Shabby Apple.
A winner will be chosen on Thursday.


  1. Don't beat yourself up over it....sometimes even the best of the best have their "breaking points". Tomorrow's a new day, mama :)

  2. Don't feel guilty about it! I don't think our kids understand our obsession with blogging haha. I do hate when Penny doesn't go to bed at the right time... I stop being a mom after 8, I think :P

  3. I have had countless days and nights like this. :( At least tomorrow is a chance to get it right, again. :)

  4. An episode or two of Cougar Town will totally help ;) Hope tomorrow (and well, tonight) go better for you and your family!