Living the Dream {Life Lately}

After the week we had last week, I'm so thankful for a day off.  A day with no school, a day with no plans.  But an awesome blogger I just connected with via Instagram, reminded me that today is a day of remembrance too.  Today is Martin Luther King Jr day.  A day off to remember a man with a dream, who's dream was not unlike many of our own.  A dream for making a life for our children greater than our own, a dream for equality, a dream for peace and understanding.  I'm beyond blessed to be living that dream, in my own way.  When I was setting up the pictures to share in this post, it struck me how blessed I really am in the ordinary occurrences in life.  How the moments are not always momentous, but just as important to our hearts.  On a day like today, that calls for remembering a man with a dream, we should all take stock in our own dreams.  They may not have come to fruition as we had planned, but they are our own.  And today, like many days before, and the days that will come next, I'm living the dream.
A happy girl in Daddy's arms.
The bloggy turned two.
Chilly weather brought ice on the car, which the girls coined "sparkles".
Silver linings right?
Target crushed my dreams of a Pinterest Valentine's Day.
Caitlin's teacher used her writing journal as an example to the class.
To say it was a proud mama moment is an understatement.
Caitlin stopping Daddy from blowing out birthday candles before it was time.
Mac killing her ice cream cup.
Volunteering on Friday's at school means lots of time with this girl.
And of course selfies for Instagram.
Bathtub Mohawks are the best.
Mama and baby boots on a random Tuesday just because.
Let's link up!


  1. Love the photos! What's your IG name? I can't believe I'm not following you! (mine is cshels)

  2. Aw so sweet! I love doing Mohawk pics in the tub with my little girl!! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Happy 2 years =)my daughter jada got a nice laugh out of your mohawk photo =)

  4. My mom gave Vanessa a bath and did the same thing with her hair. She showed Vanessa herself in a mirror, expecting her to laugh. Instead, she made the sign for "beautiful" and said "Oh-boo-boo!"

  5. Cute photos!
    I love how little girls always find a way to make ordinary things more "girly"! Ice= cute!

  6. That bathtub Mohawk is perfection. :)

    Thanks for linking up with us on Life Lately this week!

    Gayle | Grace for Gayle


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