This too shall pass {perspective}

I've been having some rough mommy moments lately.
The ones where I lose my temper.
The ones where I'm not thankful for a thing.
The really horrible ones where I ship the girls off to my mothers and
become one with the couch,
DVR in rotation, or my nose in a book.
Shutting the rest of the world out.
Not letting anyone in.
I've thrown a few tantrums.
I've cried a few tears.
I've yelled more times than I'd like to admit.
Then I took a look at the reasons.
A two year old who won't sleep.
A five year old who hates sight words.
Potty training with a cart full of groceries.
All things that are in my mothering life now.
All things that will be distant memories very soon.
The other day I drove home from Kindergarten pick up
and forgot to harness Mac in her seat.
She was nice enough to tell me about a block from home.
Can I just say thank Jesus we live 3 minutes from school,
and on that day he was definitely on my side?
I freaked!
I had a laugh about it with another mom at Kindergarten the next day.
We laughed because we have all done something like that.
It's easy to forget the most basic things when you are overwhelmed or stressed.
I told her about the time I locked my keys in the car, while running late for Caitlin's doctors appointment.  I was just lucky Caitlin wasn't in the car too!
She shared some of her mommy moments too and then she said something that got me:
This too shall pass.
She's right.
The stress, the harnessed car seats, the cart full of groceries
while your potty training 2 year old announces to the good people in
Von's that she indeed has to "POOP!!!",
it will all pass.
Diapers are already a distant memory in this house. 
Just like the pacifiers before them, and the baby bottles of formula before them.
It will all pass.
I got a dose of much needed perspective from Summer last week too. 
I was stuck in a mood after two sleepless nights with a two year old. 
Summer having similar issues, wrote her own post about a night waking child. 
She mentioned a recent pin on pinterest that said 
no one remembers the nights where they got great sleep
Her post was totally spot on, about enjoying where you are right now.
Enjoying those little ones who will soon be big ones.
The part that got me was what she said about the humility of having
two little people in your life. 
The fact that they are yours,
and you are lucky enough to actually lose sleep over them,
or with them, or because of them. 
Her post was exactly what I needed. 
Not just for my sanity, but as a reminder at how truly blessed I am,
even when it feels like I got hit by the bus that is motherhood.
Diapers and wipes.
Potty chairs and pull ups.
Sight words and tantrums.
Kids in your bed.
Baby feet to kiss.
Toddlers to cuddle.
First giggles.
That new baby smell.
All of it, will pass, and sadly all too soon.
I'll try to keep some perspective the next time I'm sleepless in mommyland.
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  1. O shame ... been there, done that and it is true it shall pass. Before you know it and believe it or not but you'll miss this time. So don't feel too bad when you feel like running away, it's perfectly noromal. At least that is whe I tell myself when I feel that way, and I'm not even potty training.

  2. i hate these days. they happen to all of us. i'm not very good at not letting them make me feel like a bad mom. boo. but they too shall pass. i missed one day in my 366 last year. i was so bummed. lol. here's to better sleeping and easier potty training!

  3. I constantly remind myself, this too shall pass. It helps to know that even if this sucks right now, or even if it's good, that it won't be around for long.

  4. I love your honesty which makes your blog one of my favorites to read. The other day I literally got mad stormed off to my room like a teenager and then realized oh wait...I don't get to be mad because I have to go take care of a baby. Totally messed up my tantrum.

  5. I love blogging because it connects us on such a real level without "knowing" each other. I find that I am much more honest on my blog than I am in conversations with my real life friends and that honesty is what we all identify with. Thank you for being Honest! Can't wait to call you my "real life" friend in May!!! xoxo

  6. Love this and once again can relate Mama :) I read Summer's post too and that quote holds so much truth!

    Kristine from The Foley Fam {unedited} Blog

  7. Oh man can I relate. It's been ruff in mommyland for me also these days. I cling to that notion that someday it will all be done. The good and the bad and then I will wish I had a 3 1/2 year old that wont pee on the potty, not even for a "chocolate candy".

  8. Perspective is a beautiful thing. And you know what else? As these moments pass, they'll be replaced by brand new ones. Potty training will evolve into hair styling and shaving, sight words will be replaced by multiplication, and all of it will make you slightly crazy, and ridiculously lucky. Enjoy!