Dear Blog, Happy Birthday {Friday Letters}

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Dear Bloggy,
You turn 2 tomorrow!
I know, it's unreal, the time flew by.
I love the way you have evolved.
You make me the happiest I have been in years.
Even if you don't generate a cent, you generate ideas.
Ideas that help me find the greater meaning.
Thank you.
The more time I spend with you the better I am.
Dear Bloggy Friends,
You keep me fashionable.
You keep me grounded in whats important.
You keep me faithful.
You keep me in stitches with #scenesfromyourlife.
You keep me obsessed with things to love, like John Cusak.
You keep me wishing we were neighbors.
There are too many of you to talk about, but just know,
in the last year the bloggy friendships and connections I have made,
are priceless in my eyes.
We may have never met, but with every comment, tweet, and post,
I feel a virtual hug every time.
Thank you for making the last year incredible.
Dear "big" bloggers,
I'm not going to name you, but you know who you are.
I doubt you are even reading this now.
It's ok, I don't expect you too.
I just want you to know that I look to you for inspiration.
I look to you for motivation.
And once I looked to you for acceptance.
I was so concerned with eating at the "cool kids" table.
I'm not anymore.
You see I found a "cool kids" table all of my own.
And it while I still read and follow along daily,
I no longer feel I need to be you, blog like you, or emulate you.
Me and the bloggy are happy just the way we are.
I still love you something fierce, and if we ever met,
I would no doubt fall out in the floor or cry uncontrollably.
Dear BF in real life,
Thank you for understanding my crazy.
For listening to my "blogger problems".
For setting me straight about them,
and reminding me why I started this blog in the first place.
I'm so glad I can call you, watch blockbuster movies adapted
from YA novels with you, and get pedis with you.
Your writing inspires me, your wit motivates me, and your
attention to typos on this blog keep me from embarrassing myself.
Dear girls,
Mommy started this blog because of you.
You gave me the courage to put pen to paper.
You gals gave mommy the push she needed.
You two inspire mommy every day.
You taught me that if I could survive the first year of motherhood,
certainly I could do anything.
Dear Readers,
Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Your comments make every day, the best day.
The fact that you "follow" along with the "crazy" amazes me.
I appreciate every page view, tweet, comment.
The best complement you can give a writer, of any kind, is feedback.
It's worth more than I could express.
Dear Self,
Well look at you.
Two years in and still haven't started on the main objective.
What on earth are you waiting for.
Get to a blog conference.
Get to a writing conference.
And for God's sake get those ideas into print.
Nothing is stopping you, but YOU.
Let go, and write.
Be sure to come back tomorrow.
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Get your retro on!
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  1. happy bloggy birthday!!!!!!! i'm here and listening. :) i too am longing to go to a blogging conference and write more. but i just don't. boo.

  2. Happy Two Years, Megan! Here's to many more! :D

  3. Love this and love you to pieces! You are truly amazing.

  4. I love this post so much. I have a terrible habit that I am trying to break. And that is seeing a post that I love, but not commenting. I don't know why I do this. But I know I am not alone. This post sums up how I feel about blogging lately. I am not trying to be one of you "cool kids" I just like my blog the way it is.
    Gracie B

  5. Happy Birthday Megan's blog! You are one of my most favorite blogs ever!
    Megan... There is a man in town here who has published his first novel... We are in the middle of nowhere... If he can do it, you CAN DO IT! I'm so excited for what you have in store for us! :)

  6. Get yourself to the Elevate blog conference, so we can hang out! ;)

  7. Happy 2 years to your blog!! Yayy!!

  8. Oh Megs!!! Love you mucho and my feelings are mutual!! I hope we get to meet IRL sooner than later! So happy to have found u thru the www :) Cheers to more writing!!!

  9. Nice one! My warm happy birthday wishes to your blog. May you and your blog continue to flourish and give more interesting and fun to read posts. thumbs up!

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