Dear 2012 {a year in Instagram}

Dear 2012
I learned a lot about myself this year.
A lot about my marriage.
A ton about motherhood.
And a little about how much I'm capable of.
I'm going to miss you, but I'm sure your sister,
2013 will not disappoint.
Dear January
Blanket forts, cupcakes, and this girl.
You were a breath of fresh air after a stressful holiday.
 Dear February,
This was my last Starbucks for a while, but little did I know,
my body would go through a transformation.
The diet of death wasn't so bad, since I'm healthier
now than I was a year ago.
I miss my Starbucks and chocolate.
I don't miss my broken body.
I'm glad that you didn't tell me that I'd be well enough to run a 5k in September.
I would have never believed you.

Dear March,
It was a fantastic month, it being my birthday month and all.
And the Hunger Games was in theaters and I got to enjoy it with my favorite people.
But you wouldn't let it slip that I had an epic mommy fail.
This is a picture of Caitlin.  I'm sure you remember.
Getting those last vacinnations the day she should be registering for kindergarten.
Because of course, mommy forgot.
Caitlin on the other hand still has forgotten or forgiven.


Dear April,
This picture explains it all.
Mac turned two, and she is everything and more.


Dear May,
Beautiful weather means beautiful moments like this.
Caitlin is curious, cautious, and captivating.
I still can't believe she is this big.

Dear June,
Weren't you just the bees knees?
So busy.
This gal turned 5.

Dear July,
You were just what we needed.
A quick family vaycay.
 Dear August,
Thank you for nights like these.
Watching Grizzlies baseball.
Getting the girls ready for Orange October.
They were super excited for baseball this year.
Thanks to your hot nights at the ball park.

Dear Septemeber,
You rocked my world.
Kindergarten started for both of us.
She has grown so much in such a short time.
I have always loved you September,
but now even more so.
Dear October,
Oh you know pumpkins and things.
We couldn't get enough of your pumpkins.
We were however surprised that your weather stayed so warm.
It's ok, we love sunny days at the pumpkin patch!

Dear November,
This was worth all the sick days,
all the stressful days,
all the rough days.

Dear December,
Every year your are anticipated.
We try to drag out your days.
Make them as long as possible.
This year we were so busy, so happy,
Thank you.

Dear 2013,
Are you ready for us?
Got a year in review to share?
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  1. Loved your review Megs!! Cheers to 2013 dear friend!