Mrs. Crutchfield {The Room Mother}

I am Mrs. Crutchfield.
Every Tuesday from 12:30 pm to 2:00 pm and every Friday from 8:30 am to 12:30 pm.
This still sounds strange to me.
Just as I never had any aspirations to be a SAHM,
I really had zero aspirations to be a room mother.
Until I had a kindergartner who asked me to come and help like the other mothers.
Other mothers who help with number tracing.
Bake cupcakes for the class parties.
Help out at lunch time, opening juice boxes and cleaning messes.
I remember being a kid and seeing all the other moms helping.
I remember wanting my mom there too,
but my mom worked.
Trust me Saint Linda did go above and beyond for me.
Cutting work to attend a party or assembly or two, late nights of homework,
even being my taxi to after school activities,
but she never had the luxury that I do.
The luxury being that I get to stay home with my girls.
So I am thankful for this opportunity.
I'm surprised I like it as well as I do.
Kindergartners are no joke.
They say the honest to God truth.
Which can be fun and embarrassing.
They are loud even when they are using "inside" voices.
They are so sweet and utterly sensitive.
Both the boys and girls still cry at the drop of a hat,
a broken pencil, or an untied shoe.
Kindergarten is keeping me busy.
And exhausted.
What have I got myself into?
I'm not even sure yet.
But I realize that helping over worked teachers, donating supplies,
and trying to organize 28 five year olds in the lunch room is something of a luxury.
A luxury that many mommies do not have.
So I'm not going to complain.
I'm going to smile and be gracious.
I know how lucky I am to share these moments with these little humans.
I will say this:
The Mrs. Crutchfield thing is a little strange.
Even my BF pointed it out the other day.
Who is this "Mrs. Crutchfield"?
She must be that lady that who is continually learning new things about herself.
Every Tuesday and Friday, with the help of some pretty cute five year olds.


  1. i love this post. i get it and i love it. thx for sharing.

  2. Fun. Sounds like they'll keep you busy! Enjoy those sweet little faces and loud inside voices, Mrs. C.

  3. I always thought it was the best when my mom took off work to come on field trips with us. I'm glad you're helping out and liking it!

  4. You will do great and yes it can be challenging but hysterical and lots of fun! Let me know if you ever need ideas for parties!

  5. Yeah! I can not wait to do this once my kiddos are in school. :) I remember how I used to love when my mom would come in once a week.