Absolute Marriage {a conversation}

I find it increasingly hard to have a conversation with the Hubbs these days.
Especially in the car.
Is it because the space is so small that your kids are just louder than usual?
In any case we were trying to have a conversation about a million things.
Like speed dating, only you are already married.
And the conversations are about things like
the husbands work day, what the kids ate for dinner (nothing),
and why are we going to Target again?
Of course the kids were "mom, mom, mom"-ing me.
So before I could (scream) say, "WHAT?",
the hubbs said,
"Do you know why they say mom like that?
Because you ignore them".
To which I replied,
"Walk a mile in my shoes, just one mile".
His reply,
"Would that be your black flip flops, your black flip flops,
or your black flip flops".
Like I've said before,
it's hard to stay mad at someone who makes you laugh.
circa 2008


  1. haha...giggling right now, that's AWESOME! I LOVE black flip flops! oh, and I think you should go to Target and buy another pair... ;)

  2. This is so us too! Love it! Dang our handsome charming husbands :) Guess it could be worse, haha!

    Kristine The Foley Fam {unedited} Blog

  3. LOL.... I would say that was go shop shopping invite!!! Hubb's can be the most adorable spots in out day! xo HHL

  4. Laughing my head off! It sounds like you were in my car! :-)