Because it's Monday {Life Lately, Instagram}

Because it's Monday.
Because I didn't blog all weekend.
Because I was going to blog last night,
but Hot Tub Time Machine was on.
Because I can't say no to John Cusak,
or my Hubbs John Crutchfield.
Because I had to grocery shop this morning,
Because I have laundry to do.
Because I have kindergarten pick up in just under two hours.
Because I couldn't go another day with out blogging.
Because I love sharing my life in photos.
Just because it's Monday.
Pumpkin decorating party / Serious face Mac / Finding their pumpkins /
 Running through the rows of pumpkins.
 Pumpkins, Pumpkins everywhere!  Serious decorating or having fun picking one out. 
It's that time of year.
 Early morning play date. / New sassy dress / Scarecrow pumpkin created by me /
Poor crying baby because mommy was celebrating the Giant's win over the Reds
I scared that poor kid half to death! 
I was listening to the game on the radio
and then beat on the dashboard at the victory. 
I know mom of the year right?  And then I took a picture! 
I'm pretty proud of my pumpkin too.  It's for the school's Fall Festival Auction. 
Serious face dance contest no smiling/ Lipstick using my cell phone / A touch up and a photo bomb/ playing with the natural light and self portraits.
On Saturday night the hubbs and I were the finalists of the Serious Dance contest.
It's where you dance without cracking a smile.
Pretty easy after 7 years of marriage, right?
I cracked and smiled, but only because my feet hurt.
We danced for almost 5 songs!
And yes we were sore the next day!!
Also just wanted to share my new Blurb book.
It's fantastic quality and you can upload straight from Instagram.
Since I take most of my photos on Instagram,
this book makes me very very happy.
I was able to "scrapbook" 2011 in minutes.
No they aren't paying me, but hopefully I can talk them into a coupon code!
How has your life been lately?
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  1. adorable! I love the pics!!! :)

  2. Hmmm...I may just have to make a blurb book! I recently ordered hundreds of prints, then promptly kicked myself for not just ordering a book instead!

  3. Looks like you have been busy. Fun photos!

  4. Love all the pictures chicka! P.s. LOVE that picture of you "Lipstick using my cellphone" great shot & it turned out GORGEOUS!!

  5. Fun fun and more fun!! I told you already BUT even now days later I'm still LOVING that pic of you two love birds getting your groove on!! XOXOXO

    Kristine The Foley Fam {unedited} Blog