When I was 10 {Looking Back 1988}

In 1988 I was 10.
What I remember most about 1988 was our family trip to Disneyland.
Mom, Dad, Aunt Marilyn, and I road tripping to the happiest place on earth.
We went to Disneyland, Universal Studios, and Knott's Berry Farm.
It was a blast!
Even the crazy bus trip to Universal which seemed like the longest day ever!
We had a great time even though we went in the Summer,
and had to endure long lines.
Star Tours was totally worth the 3 hour wait all three times.
I'm deadly serious.
I'm telling you that when you are 10, perms are the coolest.
Don't I look cool?
Everyone had that hair right?
What the (blank) was I thinking?

This off center picture was taken by me.
With my first 35mm (google it).
It was so cool too, grey with a purple strap.
I thought I was the best photographer, and I have a billion pics
of the parade, the rides and random tourists.
Not much has changed.
I still take crooked pictures!
This is a rite of passage at the Happiest Place on Earth.
I think everyone who has visited Disneyland has a picture similar to this.
I can't wait to get a picture of my girls here.
It doesn't matter how old I get, when I see this at the front gates,
I turn into a kid again!!
There is one more thing that reminds me of 1988.
It was the last year I felt good about myself.
After this amazing Disneyland trip, I started 5th grade.
In 5th grade everything changes.
I remember that this was the last summer I wasn't worried about being chubby.
After this summer, I was called fat.
I started weighing myself.
I started eating salads.
I was concerned with calories.
Not what a 10 going on 11 year old should be concerned about.
This was the last time my I'd like what I looked like in the mirror, or pictures.
I wouldn't wear my hair this short for years,
in fear of my chubby round face looking rounder.
Looking back the perm seems pretty bad,
but what was worse is that that girl lost that blissful feeling
being just a girl with a bad perm and a big smile.
Dear 10 year old me,
Don't sweat it.
Those cheeks go away.
Everyone will have that perm.
Those mean girls get fat when they are old.
You do not.
And you get boobs.
Your Welcome!
Want to have some fun?
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  1. Aww, you were soo cute and happy looking. It stinks how adolescent bullying changes us.

  2. That was a bittersweet post, my friend. You were beautiful then and I bet you were beautiful at 11 and you're beautiful today. <3

  3. Definitely had that perm when I was in 8th grade. I just saw all those pictures in the hair salon of women with long spiral curls, and that's what I wanted. Not quite what I got, but you'll see it in a look back post, one of these days!