Thanks random stranger {Mom to Mom}

A few Mondays ago, I was having one of those Mondays.
The kind of Monday with a weekend hangover.
Caitlin has tap and ballet on Mondays afternoons.
And try as I might, I'm never organized to have dinner done before class.
It just doesn't happen.
This Monday was no exception.
On the way to ballet, Mac fell asleep.
Carrying a 25 pound Mac across the parking lot in
100 degree weather was awesome.
Trying to put on and tie Caitlin's tap shoes was equally awesome.
So by the time class was over, I had one hungry Caitlin,
one grumpy because she just woke up Mac,
and one sweaty, stressed out about dinner Mommy.
You know the usual.
On top of it all Caitlin had decided that all she wanted
for dinner was a chicken patty sandwich.
Chicken patty sandwiches are all the rage in the cafeteria.
Did you know?
Since I had no idea what we were having for dinner
I thought chicken patties sounded perfect (microwaveable being a plus plus),
so we stopped at the grocery store.
Random Side note:
The grocery store is like when you give a mouse a cookie, don't you think?
Because if you go to the grocery store, your are going to remember you need milk.
And when you remember you need milk, you are going to remember eggs...
And so on.
So on my quest for the chicken patties, milk, and whatever else,
my kids were running wild in the store.
Wild as in blocking the aisles, trying to eat hostess cupcakes,
and begging for candy .
As we were looking for the "right" french toast sticks,
yes there is a right and wrong in this category,
a nice woman rounded the corner of the freezer cases.
Of course my kids were blocking the aisle.
She politely said "excuse me",
and of course I said something like,
"Move, watch out for the carts, people are shopping".
Then I apologized to her for my wild animals.
She smiled at me and simply said,
"No worries Mom, been there done that".
Thank you random stranger.
I pretty much cried as I cradled the french toast sticks.
It's nice to know that wild kids in the grocery store are a given on
Chicken Patty Sandwich Mondays, in Mommyland.


  1. So true. And I would have actually cried. *sigh*

  2. Dang It! I'm bawling over here...

  3. Love me those kind strangers! Send some my way please ;)

    Kristine The Foley Fam {unedited} Blog

  4. I must be seriously hormonal cause I'm totally teary eyed reading this right now! I've had a similar experience and there's nothing better...We all have to remember to do the same for another young mom someday when we're older!