Halloween Crafty Biz 2012

While you read this I'm at the Pumpkin Patch with 28 Kindergartners.
Say a prayer for me.
While I'm out, here are some crafty crafts I threw together at the last minute.
I'm notorious for spending tons on craft supplies,
and then not crafting a single thing.
Since Mac was still sickie on Monday, my mom came over.
Saint Linda saved the day.
And allowed me to do a few of my To-do Halloween projects.
Isn't there a "pinned it / made it" link up?
If so, tell me in the comments.
Some of these were Pinterest inspired!!
On my front door.
Don't worry it's not that fancy.
Scrapbook paper.
Glue Gun.
See the original Pin for inspiration.
This is a canvas bag.
Plus paint and stencils.
I know, I'm that mom.
Why don't I just let them use a pillow case?
Well, because none of them are clean!
Also this took like five minutes, promise.
So if I can, so can you!
Hipster Pumpkins.
Seriously, two minutes.
$1 mustaches from Target.
$1 Googly eyes from Michael's.
A little tacky glue.
Halloween, LIKE A SIR!
I did a little something like this last year.
I just took it to another level when I saw this Pin.
btw, this pin gets a "HTTP 403", sorry
It's super easy, and you can get as creative as you want.
Plus, all the materials can be reused for Halloweens to come.
This is Caitlin painting her pumpkin in her undies.
Something about undies and crafting has her heart.
At least she didn't stain her clothes.
And don't forget to check out these guys over here!
I got the inspiration here.
Lena has the full tutorial!
Happy Day before Halloween!
And don't forget to Get 'Yo Craft ON!!! 


  1. Good luck with the 28 kiddos..you'll need it!! :)

  2. The mustache pumpkins crack me up! Hope your Kindergarten trip goes well! ;)

  3. Love it all! Especially those pumpkins!! Come decorate my house next year for Halloween - I completely failed at that this year!

  4. Look at you, all crafty. :) Love it all!