It's ok...

It's ok to link up with this awesome blogger today.
It's ok that I couldn't wait to get back into the yoga pants that are
reserved for lounging and kindergarten drop off.
It's ok that I've been procrastinating on a post.
It's ok to not want to do those kinds of posts, but for some reason can't say no.
It's really ok to say no.
It's ok that I've been reading more than blogging.
Great books just slay me!
It's ok that I have Halloween crafts to do.
It's ok that Halloween is next Wednesday and said crafts will most likely not get done.
It's ok that I am praying that the forecast is a liar and it will not be in the 80s next week.
It's ok that I had to force myself to sit down at this computer.
It's ok that I posted to Instagram showing
off my dirty bathroom.
It's ok that I've been quiet on social media as of late.
It's ok that everytime I opened blogger today I read my blog roll instead.
It's ok that I purposely ate late so I could skip my run.
It's ok that I didn't watch any debates.
It's ok that I've known for awhile who I'm voting for.
It's ok to blog in your car...
As long as you are not driving.
It's ok that I'd rather be watching the World Series with the hubbs.
It's ok that by writing this post, I'm hoping not to sit at the computer for another 24 hours.
It's ok to take a timeout at Starbucks.
Even if all you do is sit and stare at the display case.
It's ok to be this tired, this blessed, and this lazy.
It's ok.
Its Ok Thursdays


  1. I feel like I'm in a bit of a slump blogging lately too. Not sure what's up with that. I wish I had more wit to me these days.

  2. I have done that too! Oh like, we went out to dinner too late. now I can't work out. but I will sit in my yoga pants on the couch and pretend I did some yoga. Totally okay with the dirty bathroom too, that's just being real.

  3. I blogged on my phone while my baby took a bath. You do what you gotta do ;)

  4. I change into my yoga pants almost every day. So comfy! :)

    New follower via the link up. Stop by and say hello!


  5. Newest follower here! I found you through the Thursday link up! Cute blog, I can’t wait to read more!