A Letter from the Editor {selfies}

This is a letter to you all just to clarify a little something I blogged about last week.
I listed some pet peeves last week.
While I don't take them back.
I do feel I need to clarify.
You see, I said one of my pet peeves was self portraits.
And that got some of you talking.
I swear to Starbucks I wasn't talking about you.
My readers are beautiful, don't fish for complements, nor do they duck face.
I should have said my pet peeve was duck face.
Or maybe I should have just said my pet peeve was,
MY self portraits...
I always feel like I'm trying way too hard!
How do you people make this look flawless???
I hate selfies (that's what Lena calls them).
Perhaps I am my own pet peeve.
I feel so awkward doing them.
Once in a while I notice the photo bomber in the back.
If you can't beat 'em, join 'em.
So when I say I hate selfies, I really mean mine.
Because of the awkwardness of actually taking your own picture.
And taking 100 until you get a good one.
"Ain't nobody got time for that!"
So Lena, Colleen, and Jade, you beautiful gals keep up the selfies
and outfit of the day pics.
It's what makes my Instagram feed awesome.
I'll keep taking 100 pictures of myself with my iPhone,
alone, in my living room, while Mac plays.
Sounds ridiculous, but I'm told thats how you reach selfie nirvana...

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  1. SO funny!! I hate self pics too. I have no idea how some of these girls look like super models in their pics. :)

  2. This is SOO true! I tried taking OOTD pics today and ended up deleting all of them! haha

    and I have to admit I have a love/hate relationship with the duck face

  3. Haha!! Oh my, I took ABSOLUTELY NO OFFENSE! I think I feel the same way... I mean, I feel silly & awkward when I take them... but I'm a blogger and I feel like a blogger when I do it... and I LOVE being a blogger, so I'll probably keep on doing it! I love seeing everyone else's selfies too! Yours totally rock!!
    I think a duckface here & there is cute... more than once a month can be obnoxious! ;)

  4. I always LOVE your selfies!! So keep rocking em!! I totally agree that they are awk.ward. and I keep thinking it'll get "easier" #nothappeninganytimesoon

    Kristine from The Foley Fam {unedited} Blog

  5. I hate "selfies" too. People make it look so easy to look so good. Yeah I'm with you with the 100 pics. I take tons before I feel like 1 might be good. And who started the duck face anyways?

  6. You're so funny! I wasn't even remotely offended by that! Haha, and your selfies are always cute. xo