Dear Santa, we were brave.

I'm taking a short break from the blog this week.  So since I don't have new content to share at the moment, I wanted to share some of my favorite posts from last December.  Originally published on 12/9/11, this post still gets me every time.  Enjoy, and I'll be back soon...

Last night John and I took the kids to see Mr. Mall Santa.  Those guys are a dime a dozen, but who am I to poo all over the rite of passage that is meeting Mr. Claus.

I will tell you that Caitlin has not taken a photo with Santa since she was 18 months old.  She has outright refused.  And in said 18 month picture I'm in there with her... Nice make up free face and all... No I'm not posting a picture.  Last year only little Miss Mackenzie, at all of 8 months was too confused to realize what was happening, so we did get a decent picture.  Again no picture, as it will take away from the picture I'm about to show you.

This year the original plan was to only take Mac to the mall to meet Santa.  Caitlin had already express that she would not be meeting or taking a picture with him this year.  That's fine.  She really doesn't like him, or anyone else in costume.  It's fine, I guess it has something to do with being 4.  However, the more I talked about taking sister while Caitlin was in school, the more I guess Caitlin felt she would be left out.  So, on Wednesday, Caitlin decided that we would all go see Santa, at the mall, after Daddy got home from work.  She said she would just stand by Santa and smile, BUT she would not talk to him... I took this as a sign that we should at least try and give her a chance to face the Big Guy head on.

So we did, we got dressed up (not me, as a side note for later), and after dinner we went to the mall near our house, and as if it were a Christmas miracle there was no line.  There was one family in front of us whose children screamed bloody murder, thus creating a panic among my children, and I think you know where this is going...

Caitlin broke down and said NO!  Mackenzie and I went to meet Santa and she told him no, straight up, to his bearded face.  I was able to plop Mac in his arms, before the waterworks and the pictures were done.  No big, another year of only one child with Santa.  So what?  Now here is where the big drama started...

As soon as I went for my wallet to pay for Mac's pictures, Caitlin let out this horrific scream, like if someone told her I made good on my promise to cancel Christmas when her and Mac were fighting over the last Oreo.  She was hysterical and sobbing.  John and I were finally able to piece it together... She wanted to take a picture with Santa.  That's right folks, now we wanted a picture, but wait there's more... She wanted me in it... Remember the side note... Yeah me in all my unwashed hair, no make up, 4 year old faded red hoodie glory!

We talked and it was decided that Caitlin and I would stand by or around Mr. Claus, and Mac would again sit in his lap.  I have to say the people taking the pictures were awesome!  So we got lined up and then right before the click, I stepped out... This is what we got...

This photo makes me laugh and cry all at the same time.  First because these two look so sad to be with Santa.  They look miserable.  How do I convey just how awesome and magical this guy is?  I'm laughing because this is classic Christmas overload for both.  Why do we make our kids snuggle up to a perfect stranger?  Isn't that the craziest?

I tear up because I've seen that look on Caitlin's face before.  This is what she looked like at preschool drop off for the first 4 months.  This is her face when she really wants to do something, but she is really very scared.  This is her pushing through the fear.  I've cut off the part of the picture where she is twisting her dress in her hands.  She really was that nervous and scared.  Her heart was beating a mile a minute.  But just like overcoming any fear, there she is, facing it.  So while I wish she looked happier, I'm so proud of her in this picture.  She did what many of us can't, sum up the courage, see something to the end, and be able to go forward without regret.  A proud moment as a mom.  It's a proud moment for her too.

Dear Santa,
We really do like you at the Crutchfield house.
Don't let this picture fool you. 
And even though we've had some trying times,
we have been very good.And very brave. 
We hope you enjoy our cookies on Christmas Eve.
The Crutchfield Girls



  1. In my opinion, the less-than-perfect Santa pictures are always the most memorable anyway. In my family, my mom's favorite us-with-Santa picture is the one where my sister was 18 months and was screaming bloody murder, I was 2 and a half and had Santa by the beard, and my brother was barely 4 and he was standing in front of Santa with an obvious wet spot in front of his pants because he was so scared he peed himself.

  2. OMG Jaclyn! That's the best! Stay tuned for the holiday pictures where Mac is screaming on the table of the picture studio! They really are the best kind of pictures since this is really what it's like. Kids aren't perfect! Neither is life. Thank God!!

  3. LOL! No smiles for us either over here this year and we've met Santa THREE times already... yup three different ones, ha! Mia has the same I {heart} Santa dress!!!