InstaLife {Last half of November Recap}

I'm sure I don't have to tell you how crazy the last half of November was.
I follow most of you on Instagram and Twitter.
This is going to be picture overload, but life is just going to get crazier, and there is no other way to dump all these pictures. 
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My apologies in advance of what is my life in Instagrams for the last 2 weeks in November.
That's a turkey breast that didn't cook.  Like 6 hours later it was still bloody.  It must have been slightly frozen in the middle, but since I'm a dunce in the kitchen...
My baking on the other hand went fine, and that's all that mattered.
That little body in the dark is Mac, setting up for the last Fresno State Tailgate of the season.  Since the game started at Noon and Daddy didn't want to go scope out a spot at 5 am, we went the night before.  Totally hardcore right?
Our Elf came back.  I'm sure you know B. Fiddlesticks by now.  Mac loves him, and yes touches him.  It's fine.  The magic is still alive, in the love that she gives him.
Still using my favorite Instagram pic of the moment.  That was on Turkey day to say thanks!
The Dogs won their last home game and the weather was perfect.  It was all around a perfect fall day.  Scarf and boot weather in the morning, Toms in the afternoon,
and a winning football team by dusk.  So much awesome.
Mac and Caitlin love their cupcakes.  Can you tell?  I think Mac has something in her teeth, no?
That, dear readers, is Caitlin's first Instagram.  It's a baby Loopsie.
Caitlin also got her first recital outfit.  It's amazing.  It's a tutu thing with sequins, and ribbons, and gemstones, and more sass than I know what to do with.
That's an Elf photo bomb if you can't tell.  B. is such a joker!
Mac, giving her sister this look that is half adoration and half, I'm gonna mess you up.
We got our tree last Tuesday.  It's a fake.  But I don't care.  My girls are in love.  And so am I.  Especially when I can get great shots like this, and the one below.
It's the most wonderful time of the year.
I know it's going to fly by and be busy and stressful.
But let's make a pact to take time out to enjoy the little things.
Like toddlers who play under the tree in their diapers.


  1. i love the christmas tree shots with the kiddos. priceless. so is the bloody turkey. i should have taken a pic of the mashed potatoes that ended up in the trash a few months back...and i ended up in tears. =)

  2. I love your life lately posts! I want to live next door to you and be your bff. #justsayin xoxo