Tis the Season {Life Lately}

So I took a bloggy hiatus.
For a quick minute.
And I realized a few things.
I missed writing, sure, but I didn't miss the pressure or the stress of the season.
There are only 15 days until the big day.
I'm going to try to enjoy every minute of it.
Here is some of our life lately. 
I've been invited to co-host today, with Alli and Hayley.
I couldn't be more excited to share our fantastic week.

A little bloggy break and my announcement courtesy of Overgram.
No they don't sponsor me, I sponsor them.
A new Elf for the Crutchfields. 
Meet Randal.
Watching my little gal tap her sassy bum off.
B. Fiddlesticks took a night off from being naughty
and provided night 2 of our book advent.
I'm kind of a slacker at advent, but I can totally read one book a night for 24 days.
Especially when those books are about Christmas!

Mac fell asleep on night 3 of book advent.
Our Santa story was reposted last week.
I made a B. Fiddlesticks ornament.
It's not perfect, but for now...
A sweet little angel on Caitlin's tiny baby tree.

Life is kind of complete when Ashley of Lil Blue Boo Tweets ya.
I bought some cups and made crock pot hot cocoa on Friday night.
Then I delivered it to some of our neighbors.
That turned into a party in our garage/front year.
I'm not complaining!
Also on Friday night Caitlin tried out a jazz class.
I have to say between Friday night jazz class, and the neighbors in the front yard,
we had a "wild" Friday night.
We are such parents!
Caitlin brought home custom antlers last week.
I died!
This has to be my favorite part about kindergarten!!

Saturday I made tamales with my mom, aunt, and the girls.
That is a masa ball snow man, very authentic.
Can you tell Caitlin was super excited to be on Team Tamale?
Oh and ignore the laundry basket.
It's still sitting right there by they way, although 3 more have joined in the fun.
I guess it was lonely.
Happy Holidays and Feliz Navidad from Vallarta, our "Hispanic" grocery store.
I think this bag is my favorite thing about making tamales!
Seriously it's like a party over there!
Mom and I had the best time, and my girls were dancing to the musica in the aisles!
 I bought my first tamale steamer...
Guess I'm still a Hernandez after all.
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  1. Mmm... Tamales!!! Labor of love to prepare??? Love the Elf!! I think that's such a fun tradition for kids! :) New follower & co-host this week. :)

  2. Thanks for linking up and co-hosting with Life Lately! That ELF is getting popular all over blogs I read! hehe! I love to see how everyone does stuff a little differently with him!