It was the 90s, and other excuses {Looking Back Link up}

Are you all ready for this?
I don't quite think you are.
Prepare yourself for the absolute horror that was mistaken for fashion.
Tell yourself that this person, the 12 year old me, conscientiously, picked out this dress.
That I thought that this was perfect for my 6th grade promotion ceremony.
I could say, well it was the 90s, I was only 12 years old, I didn't know better...
I have no excuses.
I knew better.
Both my grandmothers read Star Magazine, and since I could sound out words so did I.
So I knew Mr. Blackwell, and I knew better.
See for yourself.
Mind you, this is a picture of a picture.
But still.
It's red, with some floral/Hawaiian floral.
Items to note:
The watch, a Mickey Mouse watch bought at Disneyland with great pride.
My spiral permed hair, and if I must, permed bangs.
My smile is just so since I was rocking a brace face.
Also what you can't see since I had to crop the picture,
white turn down socks with lace, stuffed neatly into white slingbacks.
Oh, and of course they aren't just white slingbacks, they are
pointed toe, small kitten heel sling backs.
Because every 6th grader should wear turn down lace socks with sling backs.
Seriously, was I getting fashion advice from ZZ Top videos?
Let's talk about the bright side,
Oh because I'm going to find one after this fashion disaster...
The bright side would have to be that 34 year old me thinks 12 year old me is cute.
Just like my mom used to tell me that all the things I hated about myself, made me cute.
The chubby cheeks, the smile, even the spiral permed hair.
Why is it that at 12 we never believe our mothers?
Note to my daughters, who will read this in the future some day:
One day, your embarrassing early adolescent pictures will no longer embarrass you.
In fact you may or may not publish them on the Internet for anyone to see.
Because you will grow up and appreciate the hard knocks of being a pre-teen and then a teen.
And you will look in the mirror one day and beg for those cheeks
and that shiny hair with zero grays, instead of the baggage under your eyes
and the roots that grow in 2 weeks after a pro dye job.
You will realize how far you have come, and wish in your heart that you could tell 12 year old you, just how awesome being 12 really is.
Link up y'all.


  1. Oh...the white turn down socks with lace. I had those! I'm glad we don't have turn down socks anymore. What you said is so true...those awkward years aren't nearly as embarrassing anymore. They're just fun memories!

  2. I looked pretty awesome as a 12 year old. Glasses, the beginnings of acne, overalls... haha

  3. Wow, after that build up I was expecting a truly hideous dress! I don't think it was so bad! Oh man, just wait until I'm in 8th my school photo I was literally cross-eyed. I don't think I have the courage to post that photo. Thanks for always entertaining me with your posts! ;)