My Christmas list, circa '83

Another great post from last year.  Originally posted on 12/22/11,
I couldn't stop myself from reposting!
This was way too awesome not to share! 

Have I mentioned my mom is awesome?
Well she found this:

This is my actual Christmas List from 1983. 
It was with my mom's old Christmas cards. 

If you look closely you can see my name, in pencil... 
Also how incredibly awesome is Miss Hello Kitty herself?
Also if you grew up in Salinas, CA then you may or may not
have been to the Sanrio store, a mecca of all things
Hello Kitty.  This is a "free" list to fill out from that store!

My mom took the liberty to write: 
Strawberry Shortcake Baby Doll
Barbie Van
Hello Kitty Calendar
Cafe Ole + Burrito

I will tell you that I indeed received the Strawberry Shortcake baby doll that blew kisses.  That smelled like strawberries.  Epic.  I got the Barbie camper van that was so awesome it slept like 6 Barbies.  I in fact got said calendar.  Why I needed a calendar in 1983, at the tender age of 5, I cannot say.  Maybe I needed to schedule my own play dates.  And, yes I received Cafe Ole and Burrito.  You don't know Cafe Ole.  She was the "Mexican" friend of Strawberry Shortcake.  See below:
Yes this is her!  Rockin her poncho, and what appears to be socks and sandals.
I'm in awe of the blatant sterotyping.
Is it just me or is naming her donkey Burrito incredibly un-PC?
Well it was 1983.
And it worked, because half Mexican me had to have this!

In addition to all of that I also got a wooden Victorian doll house, built my my mom's friend's son.  Who slaved away on it by hand.  It was incredible!  To 5 year old me, this was tops!  Once again proving that my parents are awesome!  It does make me wonder though, if my mom had to pepper spray or injure some other holiday shopper to deliver ALL the goods on this list!  This also proves that I still have nothing on my Mom, as a mom! 



  1. LOL! This is fabulous Megan! How great that she still had the list. We had a Sanrio store here in Fresno too. I loved it! Cafe Ole must have been added to Strawberry Shortcakes friends later on, because I don't remember her. I had all the other dolls though.

  2. I had that Strawberry Shortcake doll too. I can still remember her sweet strawberry scented breath. Ahh memories! Thanks for taking me back.

  3. LOVE this post girl!!! Your mom is awesome!!! Ah, Cafe Ole! Shut the front door! LOL!! LOVES! Thanks for sharing and Merry Christmas :) XOXO

  4. This is amazing that she still had this. At first I thought you wanted a burrito from someplace called Cafe Ole and died laughing. Its something I totally would have asked for haha.

  5. Get the eff OUT! LOL, I just died. Dead. You're the best. xo