Pinned it {Wore it my way}

If you are anything like me you pin a obscene amount of things on a daily basis.
I usually pick a board while I'm getting ready for bed and then just pin away.
A few months ago, I noticed I was "liking" a ton of "fashion" pins.
So I decided to make a WIW inspiration board with every intention of putting my pins into action.
Then I thought, meh, too much and continued to wear the same ol yoga pants and tanks.
But I couldn't stop pinning outfits.
Then I decided to look in my closet to see if I could even replicate them.
Guess what?
I could, sort of.
So, I did, sort of.
The inspiration:
Pinned Image
Original Source

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Original Source
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Original Source
And how I wore it my way:
So I took some of the inspiration from above and used what I had in my closet.
I have to say that leggings and a denim shirt are super comfy on a December day.
Also those black boots are my new faves with a nice little motorcycle action on the side.
Sorry I didn't think to capture that.
My fashion posts are always a crap shoot.
I'm off to pin more inspiration.
No, I'm not, we all know I'm going to pin more stuff like this.
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Your Welcome.


  1. LOVE the outfit and PEEING at that last pin. Ha!

  2. I try to do this but I end up making something completely different than I set out to! I like your recreation :)

  3. I love this outfit! I have the leggings (which are apparently see through even though I didn't learn that until I was on my way BACK from Scotland in Dublin airport AFTER wearing them for 2 weeks), denim shirt and boots. Just need the long shirt and scarf:)