All I want for Christmas {Tuesday 10}

As a mom, Christmas means one thing.  Gifts for the kids.  You know, getting that one thing they want so badly... Don't even get me started on Anchors Away Lalaloopsie.  That was a momfail!  Anyway, I get asked by my parents and other family members what I want for Christmas.  The idea alludes me... What do I really want, well my first answer would be sleep, and the second answer would be sleep.  Since they can't really bottle that up for me, I've complied a few things that I really, really want,
and wouldn't actually buy myself this time of year. 
Because all our money goes to making sure our kids have more toys than are shelved at Toys R Us. 
That's the goal right?

My Christmas List

The list is quite simple.
Toms, of course.
A someecards desk calendar..
Slippers that have polka dots!!
A laptop, but not this one exactly...
I'd love a Google Chromebook,
any of you have an opinion on this?
And if you give a girl a laptop, she's going to ask for a case,
with a typewriter on it,
and then she's gonna die because it's so amazing.
The Harry Potter movie box set is a no brainer,
if you have about 500 bucks lying around.
The Hello Kitty hobo bag is a given.
Jeggings are always on my list.
A Hello Kitty robe is just icing on the cake.
A sweatshirt with a classic line from a classic movie?
Dear Hubbs,
I know you read my blog from time to time.
This isn't a joke list.
This is the real deal.
Tell Santa I was good.
Even if I didn't vaccuum the chips in the carpet.

I'm co-hosting with Lena for Tuesday 10
Link up your own Christmas list, or 10 of whats on your mind!


  1. Haha! I love that sweater! Love Home Alone :)

  2. Stopping by and following! By the way I would love that Hello Kitty robe and a someecards calendar! Someecards are so funny.

  3. Stopping by from the link up. That hello kitty robe is awesome!

  4. I need that sweater. Like, for reals. How awesome!!! The calendar too - I already know where I'd put it on my desk... ;)

  5. I want all that stuff too! We're soul mates... ;)

  6. Loving the sweater!
    :) Ashley @ Mrs. Mama

  7. I love the sweater. I didn't add a laptop on my list as much and I want one I totally forgot. LOL.

  8. That reindeer sweater is too cute! I am glad I found your blog through the From Awkward to Art giveaway and I am now following you!

    Sparkles and Shoes