Because { just because}

Because dollar ornaments light up little faces,
and that's priceless.
Because this is my favorite Christmas story.
And now I can share it with my girls.
Because Laura's new doll Charlotte is still the most magical
gift in my opinion.
Because I got a back stage pass to the Christmas program.
Because sometimes a girl needs her Instagram friends to be her stylist.
I wore the red by the way.
Because this kid would rather eat nails than smile for this picture.
Even though she requested the "two ponies".
Because I planned for a year for this porch.
Because The Hubbs thought I was insane.
Because when I look at it, there is no place like home!
Because Mac is a fashion force to be reckoned with.
Yes those are scottie dogs and plaid.
Because after last Friday I'm so thankful for toys to pick up.
For mouths and butts to wipe.
For little jam hands to hold my own.
Because baking cookies in December is a must.
Even if there is homework, even if there is laundry to do,
even if you know it's going to be messy.
It was worth every single bit.
Because we really needed Joe.
Because Joe really needs to go to the mall with us.
Because Joe looks really good with joe.
Because this kid could really sell handmade quilts all day on Instagram.
Even if they have changed their policies.
Because I couldn't resist taking this pic in a public restroom.
With my red cup, my iPhone, my scarf, and my side grin.
Because Figgy was a gift.
I swear we didn't buy him, but we love him the same.
Because you could never have enough elves to inhabit shelves!

Because this is what it's all about.
Even when there are posts to write, link ups to join,
and giveaways to publish.
This is way more important. 

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