The Hangover {Christmas 2012}

I really wasn't ready for Christmas.
I was having way to much fun.
I just wanted to soak and savor every last bit of Christmas.
So I did.
That's why I haven't posted in 5 days.
It felt a little strange, but the truth is I didn't even think about it until yesterday.
I'm even getting a late start today, because we were having some family time.
My hangover recap isn't complete, I have more stories to share.
For now, this will have to do.
I apologize in advance for the picture overload.
It was the last day of school.  I swore the angels were singing!
Caitlin brought home a gift for me and the hubbs.
I almost cried, I've been waiting for this moment!
It was a new ornament for the tree.
I'm in love.
We also hosted 6 of Caitlin's kinder friends for a party.
Mr. Snowman was the main event.
That is a potato chip hat, the work of a 5 year old genius, sadly not my 5 year old genius.

We woke up to "Sammy", aka B. Fiddlesticks, and his faux gingerbread houses.
Caitlin had been begging for a gingerbread house, and I forgot to pick one up at Costco.
That's right, pick one up, as in buy.
Ain't nobody got time for homemade.
So Sammy "constructed" these and left them out.
Caitlin was a little upset they weren't the "real" deal.
That is until we got out the candies and frosting and all was forgotten.
Check out the frosting face on that kid.
Also Mac would rather eat than decorate.
Dance Recital Day.
Our first recital, and our first attempt at curling baby girls hair.
Seriously, it took over an hour with a curling iron.
I know what you are going to say, sponge rollers.
Look, I can't even get this kid to sleep on a braid, let alone what I would estimate to be 100 sponge rollers.
Anyway, it didn't matter.
It was also our first time using mascara and blush.
I was having a toddlers and tiaras moment.
That's my little diva, who ended up being the Belle of the ball,
with 13 reserved seats for her guests.
Monday, aka, Christmas Eve
Mom and I went for our mani/pedis and red cups, a tradition we started last year.
It's the best gift we have ever given each other.
Then it was home to bake Mama Linda's favorite chocolate cakes.
I made two, and the house finally smelled like Christmas.
Then because I ran out of time, we axed the cut out cookies for Santa
and made some no bakes.
Chocolate covered oreos and graham crackers covered in
left over chocolate frosting and sprinkles.
Santa had no complaints, and the girls were able to help with both.
I'm convinced that's what Christmas is all about.
Making memories with your kids, regardless of how much flour is used at the time.
We can break out our cookie mix (in the bag of course) later this week,
or next and make 2013 cookies.
If I tell them it's a thing it will be a thing right?
I also enjoyed watching Mac play under the tree. 
I asked her what she was doing, and she said she was playing in her workshop.
This leads me to believe that the tree needs to stay up all year!
Some of my favorite things from Christmas Eve:
Mac's new monkey slippers from Grandma.
My new heart necklace from the girls.
Caitlin picked it out at Target, and it's the bees knees in my book.
Caitlin and Ruthie, her American Girl doll, courtesy of Grandma Linda and Grandpa Jr.
It's all she really wanted, plus the fancy red Christmas dress.
Mac and her new Bityy Baby.
Which she really, really, wanted and asked for by name, "bitty baby, black one".
Who were we to tell her no?
Were we really going to tell her she couldn't have it?
Of course not, and she has been loving on it ever since.
She has even asked for "bows" for Bitty Baby's hair.
Love her.
More Favorites from Christmas Eve:
Mac watching A Christmas Story at 11.  She had a very late nap,
which turned into a sleepless baby.
Santa was on standby. 
It cracks me up, because it's the part where the dogs get the turkey. 
She laughed out loud!
My girls and my Grandpa, their "Papa", what a blessing to be loved by that man.

Tuesday, Christmas Day, Favorites
Reindeer Waffles, decided on last minute by me. 
I told you I was trying to soak up every last bit of Christmas!
And of course Cinnamon Rolls on a Stick, thanks to Kimberly at A Night Owl Blog
Very, very, easy, and according to the kids, delicious.
I would never lie to you and tell you it was perfect.
Mac didn't want to take a Christmas picture.
We took it anyway.
I did spend a lot of time watching Chritmas Story as it was on a 24 hour loop.
I always get sad at 8 o'clock Christmas night when it's all over.
I took way too many pictures of my tree this year and shared them on Instagram.
Sorry IG friends.
And I wouldn't be me if I didn't tell you about our trip to Christmas Tree Lane.
It's a 2 mile stretch of mansion like homes here in Fresno.
It's gorgeous and everyone lights up there house big time.
Like moving Santas, Disney characters, and mangers galore.
So it was a must this year, in my effort to enjoy the season.
Of course we waited until Christmas night at 6:30.
Half way there Mac fell asleep.
Then it started to rain, but no big because we were in the car.
Half way down the 2 mile stretch, Caitlin started melting down.
She was uncomfortable in her seat.
She couldn't see.
She was thirsty.
She was tired.
So, with half a block left, we turned down a side street for home.
When we got home, both girls were asleep.
The Hubbs and I exhausted.
And it was the perfect end to a very merry Christmas.
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