You wouldn't believe me...

Imagine being able to go back.
Back to when you thought you had it all figured out.
When the world was your oyster.
The point in time where you were no longer a "young" adult, but an actual adult.
Paying Bills.
With no summers off.
What would you say to that person?
That person who is now ten years older, somewhat wiser, but still a work in progress.
I have a few ideas.
In 10 years, none of this will matter.
Not the booze.
Not the cigarettes.
Not the "friends" at work.
That nasty boss of yours?
She's pretty tame to the one you will have four years from now.
Be ready.
In 10 years your friendships will change.
Some for the better.
Some for the worst.
You will hurt, and they will be hurt.
Just try to take it in stride.
Right now, you think you know exactly what you want.
Exactly who you want to be.
Exactly who you want to become.
Get ready to have that notion rocked.
In 10 years this back and forth dating with this guy will be laughable.
No, it will seriously be dinner conversation among friends,
and everyone including you will be laughing.
It will seem so silly and unimportant.
The most important thing will be that he finally agreed to marry you.
Someday soon, you will be in Target and witness a toddler of terror.
You will roll your eyes and give their mother a death stare.
Watch yourself.
10 years later you will pay an obscene amount of money for a toy
that will enable you to buy toilet paper and tampons in silence.
No, this isn't a joke.
In 10 years you will no longer care about those 10 extra pounds.
You will leave the house without make up.
You will grocery shop un-showered and in last nights pajamas.
And, it won't bother you one bit.
In 10 years you will know that marriage is a job.
That there is a serious level of work that goes into it being successful.
Right now it seems so romantic and very much like a fairytale.
You have to build your happily ever after.
It's totally worth it.
In 10 years you will have come back from the brink.
The hardest job you never wanted will now be your first choice.
Everything has been challenged.
Your thinking.
Your beliefs.
Your self worth.
But in the end something magical happens.
They call you mom.
In 10 years you finally do something you really want.
For yourself.
For others, at times.
You realize you have a story to tell.
And you will.
But, don't start earlier, because you aren't ready.
And even though you feel like you squandered time,
you didn't.
It takes time to get here.
In 10 years you will be living a life you didn't know you wanted.
You never set out to be these things.
You didn't know if it was possible.
I'm here to tell you it is.
You wouldn't believe me if I told you, but your best is yet to come.
Have fun being 24.
Smoke (occasionally).
Enjoy it.
Although, you won't miss your 24 year old life one bit.
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  1. This is such a beautiful post. I love these posts reflecting on our young selves. Crazy the things we know now!

  2. This is such a great entry to read today Megan. My 24th birthday is tomorrow and so much of this is what I needed to hear... Thank you.

  3. Love this. Thanks for sharing. It's RIGHT on.

  4. I love this!! It's so beautifully written and full of truth and wisdom. I always struggle with this little fear of "what if I've peaked already and it's downhill from here?" Sounds so negative but this perspective is so true :) Thanks Megan!

  5. WOW! What a wonderful post! I literally could not take my eyes off the page. I love the way you write and cant wait to read more! I'm your newest follower, found you from Lena's link up!

    Ha, seriously, always put everything into the totally.right.words.
    Amazing list!
    Thank you for linking up with me!

  7. I loved this prompt and tried several times to write what I wanted to say and it just wouldn't come out. Megs you have a talent my friend! Beautifully written as always!

  8. So what have you done so far to make your dreams of being published come true? What is step one? Or if you've already started, what is the next step? Because it needs to happen!

  9. Love this, Megan! Very well said! And you've given me some great advice. Thanks so much!