Mac grows up...

top l to r: Mac and her BF; M&M bribes for the dr visit
bottom l to r: Red rocker; Dance Demo; Late night cuddles
Mac has been forced to grow up.
It's not funny, ok?
I'm not ready.
But it was really out of my hands.
According to the Crutchfield Parenting Guide circa 2007,
Mac should have given up her bottle by her 2nd birthday.
April came and went, and because she asked for it in the sweetest voice,
how could I refuse?
With a face like that?
So she kept having her "bubbas".
And I kept dodging the questions the hubbs was throwing my way.
Until June.
When she threw up from Midnight to 8 am.
So of course milk was out for a few days,
and so I thought this is a great time to wean her since
she can't have milk in her bubba.
So that's what we did.
And after a few days it wasn't a battle.
But in all honesty, if she hadn't gotten sick,
she may still be getting that bubba today.
So as we went along over the summer,
the question about her "choo choo" aka her pacifier came up.
Questioning looks from people at dance class,
school meetings, birthday parties.
I guess they thought she might be younger, but no,
Mac's 2.5.
I know, waaaay too old for a choo choo.
But I was not ready for that battle.
No way.
She was like a junkie spinning out of control when she lost one.
So I was prepared for the battle on the eve of preschool,
and then slipping it to her every chance I got.
I never said I was perfect.
Well, it's not going to be an issue any longer.
Last Wednesday,
Mac threw what is now the tantrum to end all tantrums.
Because this one will go down in the record books, baby books,
and dental records.
Mac threw herself on the kitchen floor, fell face first into said choo choo,
and bloodied her face, bruised her nose, made her gums and upper lip swell,
as of 3 o'clock Monday, loosened both her top front teeth.
As in they are probably dead,
will turn grey,
and at some point before they are ready,
I'm thinking she will make a cute jack-o-lantern for the next 5 Halloweens.
My BF Krysten has coined her "Mac o Lantern".
Is it bad that I'm still laughing about this?
In any event, the dentist has put the kibosh on the choo choos.
In fact, he scared me straight when he said the pacifier could
help pull the teeth out and she could choke.
Scared straight!
So let's recap.
My last baby, who is 2.5 years,
has been forced to grow up.
No more bubbas, no more choo choos,
and soon no more diapers.
I wasn't ready for this chapter of motherhood yet.
I knew it was coming, but I was procrastinating, like always.
I seriously didn't think Mac's baby years would end this quickly.
As much as I've lamented about having another baby,
I'll be honest,
my uterus is weeping.
 Pass the tissue, so am I.


  1. Mac O Lantern!? Ha!
    But seriously, I feel your pain... My baby is "nearly" 5 and planning her wedding to Justin Bieber....

  2. Great post! I couldn't stop giggling at Mac O's just too funny. I'm right there with oldest informed me, on her 9th birthday a few weeks ago, that she really thought I should consider letting her shave her legs and have boyfriends. Something makes me think that child will give me a run for my money. I also have to share that, as embarrassing as it is to admit, my FOUR year old found one of her old pacifiers and used it for a few days while she was sick. I know, I know, but she had fever and was pitiful and kept crying, "My beee, my beeee." I just pretended I didn't see it and hid it away when she got better. See, there are parents a LOT worse than you could ever be, lol~

  3. oh no!!! A is pretty attached to that thing right now and this makes me scared!! i should wean him off soon huh!?!?

    Sandy a la Mode

  4. awww i have been feeling this way alot lately. even though i have 3 already, ive been missing my baby stage. the toddler stage even, since leila is 3... i go back and forth though. 4 kids would be alot. im exhausted already. my "baby" still has 2 more years until regular kindergarten, if im gonna do it, i gotta do it soon. im not getting any younger. ahhh, the musings of motherhood, right? =)