Doing Nothing {Coffee Date}

Scenes from our week: Top left to right: Sleepy Mac, 700 Followers, say what?, Bathtime /
Middle left to right: Dear 24 yr old self, Mac's first "pan dulce", Pink Milk in a glass bottle /
Bottom Left to Right: Night owls, Friday night hot spot, MORE sleepy Mac.

I'd invite you over for coffee, but I'm too embarrassed right now.

As we "speak" there is a load of laundry in the washer that has gone forgotten since Wednesday.
I know what you are thinking, but seriously,
 I only remember it when I'm doing something else important.

Like blogging... Or eating, or lying in bed going to sleep,
and the laundry room seems like it's half way across the country.
So it's going to stay there.
The toys on the floor too.
So watch your step if you dare come over and have coffee,
that you will have to make, since I'm not sure how to use the coffee maker.

How about some tea?
I have a kettle.
Super Domestic Diva right?

If we were really having coffee, or tea, or wine,
I'd tell you that I'm not sure what I've gotten myself into.
Officially, I'm a co-room mother.
What does that even mean?
I'm also volunteering 2 days a week in class, and one day a week at lunch.
And yet, the topic of me getting a "real" job continues to come up.
Thoughts on that later, like way later.

I'd tell you life has been so busy.
Late nights and early mornings are now the norm.
A restless child on Monday night kept me up way past one in the morning.
My six thirty call time is doing nothing for me.

So Thursday I checked out a little.
I've got a new book I'm reading, it's fabulous.
Call the Midwife is a look at midwifery in post WWII England.
It's now a PBS series as well, so I can't wait for that!
But the book now has me in it's clutches, like most books do.

I'd tell you that I also had to play "Sophie's Choice" on Thursday.
Grey's Anatomy and Glee are now on Thursdays at the same time.
Why would the pop culture Gods do such a thing?
Greys was watched live, although I was dumb enough to check twitter at 7 pm PST.
It's cool, it was still a great episode.
And I DVR'd Glee, then watched it later.
But the choice at who made DVR standard was tough.

I'd also ask you if you watch How I Met your Mother on Monday nights.
And if you said yes, then I'd ask you if you cried when you saw the yellow umbrella.
Because I did.

Then I'd confess that instead of pushing and pressuring myself to post a blog,
I did nothing.
I read my new book all through the day when the kiddos were playing.
I put away loads and stacks of piled up clean clothes,
but only because I couldn't find clean underwear.
I knew it was under that pile.
I hand wrote this entire post in a notebook, while Caitlin did homework.
I even wrote it in cursive, just to practice.
With some effort the kiddos were in bed by 8:45 so I could watch some EPIC TV.
Which I did.
In the best seat in the house.
In the quiet.

Because sometimes doing nothing, is actually doing something.

How was your week?

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PS: Bloggy Notes
There will be a Hello Cotton Hop that goes live late Sunday!  Yay!
Dirty Secret Saturday is on hold until after the New Year... But feel free to confess anyway.
Many September Ads expire tomorrow, Features are five bucks, Mediums are four, and swaps are always FREE!


  1. Loved your post about "10 years from now" Totally awesome!

    The whole room mother thing? Ugh, that is so not me. I did it for my son in 1st was a disaster for me emotionally. Then in 2nd grade I stepped up again to do the Christmas party...planned the whole dang thing myself and guess what...A FREAKING SNOW DAY. Whatever.

    This year I am providing a snack for the valentine party and that's it...he's in 5th grade, then we're out of the whole room"parent" thing and I'm safe.

    We DVR'd all of my favorites because hubs is working 3-11 this week...I snuck in NCIS when he was at work last night because I was...well...feeling like crap...the rest are there for us to watch together...someday...probably next weekend when he has 3 days off...

    Have a GREAT are the ABSOLUTE best Mommy I know :)

  2. I did the whole home-room mother thing with my oldest. I'm still debating on whether to do it with my Kindergartener or not. I am helping with the Book Fair though.

    Here's what I'd tell you :


  3. My week totally sounds like yours. I'm 38 weeks pregnant and my husband had a job to do 3 hours away and didn't want me to go into labor so I was lazy all week haha!

  4. It's so true, sometimes I think I'm doing nothing when in reality I've done SO much...

  5. So strange that our lives are so similar and we watch the same shows. I too watched Grey's and DVR'd about disappointing episode...until the end! WOW! I totally called the Arizona storyline. But that is a whole other topic. I too had to rewash the laundry long forgotten in the washer. I too have piles on my bed of clean folded laundry. I put them there on purpose so that I'd have to put them away to sleep. In a week of dropping of at school, pick ups, dance class, soccer practices, games, birthday parties....sometimes just quietly watching our shows is the needed staycation. It'd be nice if someone came over for coffee. If I wasn't so embarrassed that my house was a disaster

  6. I love you!! And yes, I totally cried when I saw the yellow umbrella too!!

  7. I watched Grey's! I was so sad to see Sloan go! :( And the entire episode I was wondering where the heck Arizona was??! With the way the Cali was acting I thought she died! I was racking my brain trying to remember if she did or not!! Ok, I am obsessed with this show...I need to start watching How I Met Your Mother, everyone I talk to seems to love it!
    I find myself always with so many things to do to, but instead unwinding on the couch just feels so much better!!

  8. I don't know how you do it all! GO YOU! I don't watch Grey's, never have... I watched Glee on DVR and have watched it a few times since it aired now. #loveit Glad you're enjoying doing "nothing" I agree sometimes it's the best! Love you!

  9. I had a lot of those days this past week while on my blogging break! Sometimes they are just soooo needed!

  10. It's always nice to take a break...although it's pretty much every week that I forget about laundry and have to re-run the dryer on wrinkle reducer because my hubby's work shirts sat in there too long. Ah well...and my little one was up until 1am this week! No fun.