Girls Night Out {Just Because}

Because we don't see each other often enough.
Because we have kids and husbands and now school schedules to keep.

Because everything is better with cheesecake.
We had a GNO, which was long over due.
We laughed at our server.
We laughed at the overwhelming menu.
We laughed at our crazy lives, with it's soundtrack composed of crazy kids.
We laughed with each other.
But it wasn't enough time.
It never is.
Because we could have talked until dawn.
And not so long ago we did.
In the bottom bunk of our room in our sorority house.
All three of us in one bed.
Laughing and whispering and dreaming.
But now so often the days can run together.
The moments are fleeting.
And the years go by like a flash.
But somethings never change.
Like the love between friends.
Because time is no match for friendships like these.
That withstand every test.

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  1. So glad you had a fun girls night out! Every Momma needs one of those for her sanity! :)