I love {thoughts on Thursday}

I love a tapping keyboard in a quiet house.
I love 70 degree mornings that are gracing us with their presence.
I love long conversations with my bestie that go from serious, to funny,
to raunchy in less than an minute.
I love good books that hold me hostage on late nights and early mornings.
I love fabric stores and their endless possibilities.
I love empty notebooks for the same reasons.
I love that writers block sends me into my craft room with no raft.
I love that I have been blessed with children to yell at, and a husband to nag.
I love that they love me anyway.
I love that I can always fold laundry tomorrow.
I love this little corner of the world that is all mine.
I love that I can share it with you.
Even when this writer is blocked.


  1. Love this..I haven't written anything for 3 days..something in the air?!?!

  2. Writer's block, Ha! This is one of the best posts I've read in a while. It's true, and raw, and happy and I love it! Good job!