Wore {Tailgating}

Fresno State Shirt: Bulldog Shop
Skirt: messily made by mom
Vans: Vans Shop
Red and White Tank: Old Navy (old)
Shorts: Target
Sandals: Gottschalk's (yeah, OLD)
Fresno State Shirt: Bulldog Shop
Skirt: moms mess
Leggings: Target (rolled up)
Attitude: Self
Saturday was the first home game of the football season.
If you've been reading this blog for awhile,
or perhaps know me in real life,
our lives stop for Fresno State Football.
Whether we like it or not.
This weekend,
we love it!

The Hubb's friend, who is the head of the photography department,
rolled up in this "club car".
Like a suped up golf cart.
Of course the hubbs had to try it out.
Here, he looks like King of the Tailgate,
with his little princess.

Princess had to get in on the festivities too.
It was a great afternoon to be at a tailgate.
The weather was perfect, like 95 degrees.
Which we Fresnans will gladly take.
Last years home opener was 104.
Great friends.
Great weather.
Great School Spirit.
The girls only stayed a few hours.
Then they were off to grandma's.
And I went home to change.
I needed to pour on more school spirit.
Plus there is an unofficial rule evoked by the Hubbs:
Red shirts, preferably with the words Fresno State,
a football, or a bulldog on them.
NO exceptions.
Or he will seriously call you out.
Ask his friend Mike.
So being the good wife I am...
Shirt: Walgreens! then cut and crafted.
Shorts: Kohls
Toms: Mainland (Fashion Fair Mall)
The hubbs bought me some red Toms.
A kind of bribe to get me to more than one home game.
Ok, I'll take them.
Plus, you know me...
Love at first sight!
So I'm off to work on another t-shirt upcycle.
Plus a few for my friends who requested them.
Got a great t-shirt upcycle tutorial?
Link it in the comments!!
I'd love to try it!
Got some WIW to show off?
You can link it up here.


  1. I am SO excited it is football season again! My hubs is the same way. We had the house flag up first thing Saturday Morning and it didn't come down until Sunday night!! :)

    Even though reds not our colors...you look great!


  2. Love it! We are big football fans too!

  3. Super Cute!


  4. I'd take Toms as a bribe anytime! :) Love that the whole family gets into the spirit! ;)

  5. I can't get enough of those girl's and their style! #justliketheirmama

    P.S. Miss you and hope you're having a Fab week!

    Kristine from The Foley Fam {unedited} Blog