Looking Back 1987 {It's getting awkward}


What can I saw about 1987?
I was nine.
And I had a little boy haircut.
And I wore lots of tomboyish clothes.
I've never claimed to be a fashionable blogger.
I take low maintenance to an entirely new level.
But something tells me that this photo,
just might end up as a meme.
And then on Pinterest.
Then I just might have to change my name.
Yes, I did just post this picture on my blog.
Why were these pictures such a huge trend?
The picture itself is awkward.
What am I really reflecting on at nine?
As for little ol' me in the picture,
let's see...
Huge Teeth?
Little boy cut?
Proving that I'm actually a nine year old girl
by wearing pink and earrings?
Double Check.

Side note,
That sweatshirt was my mom's.
I remember "stealing" it.
I liked the way it was off the shoulder,
very flashdancey, kind of 80s pop, if you will.
I was nine, ok?
Sarcasm aside, here is a picture I really do cherish.
My grandma and I.
I was at her house every day from 6 weeks until Jr. high.
Because my momma worked.
This lady taught me lots of lessons.
On life, love, and how to make tortillas.
Although now it alludes me.
The tortillas, that is.
So blessed she is still checking up on me,
and praying to the Virgin Mary for me.
Love. Her.
Random facts about 1987 me:

Favorite TV show:
Favorite Book:
Little Women
Favorite thing to do:
Watch TV with my mom late at night.
Moonlighting, Kate and Allie, Designing Women.
Favorite movie:
Dirty Dancing
Fashion trends:
What were you doing in 1987?
Were you awkward like me?
Don't worry, I founds some 1988 pics.
The awkward continues.


  1. The photo itself is a little awkward, but you still look super cute in it!!

  2. haha Amazing! I love this post. Thanks for sharing and brightening my Saturday morning :)

  3. I loved Kate and Allie! And of course Alf!

  4. Haha, Alf was the best show! I had that same haircut in 1992. Some bad decisions just keep repeating themselves for all eternity.