The Hangover {LaborDay}

One/ Pink Lemonade Cupcakes, recipe here; Two/ Mac and her BF Parker from the Fresno Grizzlies; Three/ Mac and her BF on a grocery run; Four/ Ticket to our last game of the season

This is officially the first time a Tuesday feels like a Monday.
I blame school.
We had our first official three day weekend in this house.
It was great.
Grizzlies game on Friday Night.
Fresno State Football home opener on Saturday.
(Pictures on that tomorrow for a WIW, since those are few and far between)
Then LAZY DAYS on Sunday and Monday.
And why not?
That's what three day weekends are for, right?
And that's why I totally left the bloggy alone after an early morning tweet on Saturday.
It was just me and the family.
Enjoying the last bits of Summer.
Football is here.
School is two weeks in.
Target is setting up Halloween candy.
So bye bye lazy summer days, bye by baby girl who is now a kindergartner, 
and bye bye late nights outside.
We have no regrets.
Not a single one.



  1. Not a single regret either!!

    Can you believe Halloween ALREADY - I am just on to our babies party at the end of this month - I can't think that far yet!


  2. Wahooo! Exciting changes and time marching on. :)