What are "beauty products"? {Tues10}

It's Tuesday, which means, I will be linking up with my bloggy friend Lena. I love her Tuesday 10 themes. It helps keep me inspired. However today's made me laugh out loud... Well more like a snort and then a cackle.

Today's them is "10 Beauty Products". And I'm like, "say what". I am challenged to come up with 10 beauty products that I use. Ok, sure I know I have some, but 10 will require me to list everything from start to finish. No really, because I'm that low maintenance.  Let's put it in perspective, when I get "fancy", I add like three more items to this list. Which means I add eyeshadow, mascara, and eyebrow pencil.
So here is the list of items you need to look as fabulous as AbsoluteMommy

  1. Head and shoulders (let's not talk about why this is necessary right now)
  2. John Freida Conditioner for breakage (also, losing your hair is not the biz)
  3. Dove Soap (since high school.  and no fancy schmancy soap will fill it's shoes)
  4. Avon Acne scrub (still breaking out like I'm 13)
  5. Avon Solutions eye gel (for the luggage under my eyes)
  6. Garnier Beauty Balm (it truly is the balm... lol)
  7. Avon minerals blush (to add some color, like I've been lazing in the sun)
  8. Cover girl clear mascara (for the brows)
  9. Knock off Target brand Aquafor (for the lips)
  10. Suave Cheapo hair spray (for everyday, not fancy days)

I really had to stretch that list.  You see, the easier the better.  The faster I can look decent, the faster I can make sure my kids aren't mashing chips into the carpet while watching Octonauts.  Yes, Octonauts.  If you don't know Octonauts, then call your cable company and demand Disney Jr.  It saves mommy lives, people!

Also this quickie beauty routine has made it possible for me to go from bed, to shower, to car, in under 45 minutes.  College/20-something Megan is super jealous.  Ok, she's really not, because she's still asleep.


Do I even have to say it???


  1. It could be because I am completely exhausted but I literally laughed out loud at #6! And I'm still laughing!

  2. hahahahaaaaaa! I LOVE YOU!
    You're actually really lucky you don't need a lot of product to look good! ♥

  3. I love this!! I always love your spin on Tuesday Ten!

  4. That beauty balm is awesome! I use it everyday...and the best part? DOES NOT make me break out! Woo-hoo! You may be using beauty bargins but you always look like a million bucks! ;)

  5. HAHA!!! Love you! This was pure genius!! YAY for super moms looking SEXY!!!! XOXO

  6. Haha, I love it! Only problem is your post makes me very jealous!! Thanks for linking up! :)