InstaSpring {InstaFriday}

This week has flown.  And not just because we are trying to finish our "trading spaces" adventure.  I must say typing right now, in the "new office" while the kids sleep is amazing!!  More blog time for me, that doesn't take me away from my girls.  Amen to that!

I have missed the last few InstaFridays, I've posted pics but didn't link up.  I admit I felt that there was a chunk of my heart missing.  I love Instagram and I love link ups.  Hello, Life Rearranged, it's been too long friend!

Here is what I was doing this week besides, cleaning out closets, avoiding Sheriff Woody's evil eye, and living the "life" in general.  Enjoy!

Mac face.
Because in my new phone she can see herself.
This provides hours of entertainment.

B. Fiddlesticks is back!
For Easter anyway.
If you don't know B. Fiddle,

Peeps are my absolute favorite thing about Easter.
So what better way to celebrate
the highly under appreciated Peep
than by covering her in chocolate and sprinkles.
My kids loved them, plus they were super cute.
And easy!

This is a happy girl with her new Victoria Justice,
sparkly, eye lashed (yes this bear has lashes),
Build A Bear.
Have I mentioned my mom is the patron saint of Grandmas?
Thanks Grandma for this big smile.

Of course this girl could not be bothered
with a bear, or bunny, or Easter chick.
No this girl had to have Kermit.
Which is approximately the size of Mac, herself.
I like how they are holding hands.
BFFs for sure.

Don't judge me.
Birthday Toms.
Love them.

This pic isn't an Instagram.
Just a plain old cell pic.
This is also a pic of one of the best gifts I've ever gotten.
My Aunt Julie, who is always late, made this for me on my bday.
Well it got here on Tuesday.
Using Shutterfly, she took pics from my Facebook page,
and made a lovely photo book of pictures I have yet to print.
Even some Instagram pics that came out just fine!
This is a treasure to me folks.
Pictures of me and the hubbs, me and the kids,
me and my parents.
It's beautiful, and she went the extra mile
and told a story with the photos.
I love you Aunt Julie, thanks for the treasured memories!

How did your week look in pictures?
Any new Android users out there?
Linking up?


Linking up here, finally!


  1. Cute shoes! Who would judge you for getting those?! Happy birthday! whenever it was! I must have missed it.

  2. What a fantastic present!! Also, I love your shoes and those peeps look so delicious. :)

  3. I'm so excited they have Instagram for Android now! I love it! :) What a great birthday gift idea in the Shutterfly book!!!!