"Pin" Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

Saturday, Caitlin hosted a "girls only" Christmas party.  Four little girls came and we did some fun activities thanks to Pinterest.  I know I talk a lot about Pinterest, but it's seriously crack for crafters!  Here is our party and where you can find some of these ideas!

Caitlin decorating her Snowman on a stick!
Mini Powdered donuts + M&Ms, chocolate chips, and stuff + skewers =
 Genius idea
They are pretty cute too!

Snowman from powdered donuts...
Our inspiration: courtesy of A Little Tipsy

This is what mom dreams are made out of. 
Want to impress with very little effort?
These bad boys are great! 
Lolly sticks + premade store bought cookies =  Cookie pop magic
I let the cookies sit for about 15 minutes while the oven preheated. 
That way they were easier to stick.
Also turn while sticking, it will help you not poke Frosty's poor face...

Pinned Image
Our Inspiration courtesy of eastcoastmommyblog
Also great Elf on The Shelf fun

These ornaments were bought at Michael's for a fun activity for the party.
I LOVE Rudolph!  It makes me nostalgic for my childhood Christmases.
Mac colored the tree, Caitlin colored Clarice, and I colored Santa.
I have to say, Mac did pretty good for 20 months!

Pinned Image
courtesy of  easiepeasie.blogspot.

I also made Christmas popcorn.  It's delish and so easy! 
In the tutorial easiepeasie uses an actual popcorn popper.  I cheated. 
I know you are shocked!
I used microwave popcorn, but it has to be "natural" or "plain"
as in NO BUTTER!  Otherwise it can get soggy. 
Also in the first batch I used 1/2 c. white chocolate chips,
in the 2nd batch I used a bar of white chocolate. 
The bar melted more, so I got soggy popcorn the 2nd go round. 
So it looks like 1/2 cup to one bag Jiffy Pop "natural"
microwave popcorn was the magic combo.
Also I'm in love with the sprinkles, well sprinkles of any kind,
and this Christmas popcorn was also GLUTEN FREE!  Score!

So that was our Girls Only, Pinterest inspired Christmas party! 
Now go make some Christmas Popcorn!

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  1. yummmmmmmmmmm
    those cookies are amazing
    i've seen them before that
    they come with the shape inside
    so much fun for the little ones..
    we have fun eating them hahaha :P