The Hangover: Christmas 2011

Goofing off at Auntie and Uncles Holiday celebration.
It's the day after Christmas.  And can you feel it?  The after Christmas, over indulged, ate too many frosted snowmen, turkey and stuffing hangover.  No just me?  Well, welcome to my new series, The Hangover, where I'm going to recap special events in our AbsoluteLife.  I think the picture of Mac above says it all on how I'm feeling this morning.

We celebrated 5, yes FIVE, Christmases.  To the point that when I told Caitlin it was Christmas Eve, she said, "The real Christmas or a pretend Christmas".  Here's to having so much family, love, and gifts, that having 5 Christmases is a blessing!

Madonna "Like a Virgin"/Child Bride/Quincenerra
outfit courtesy of Auntie and Uncle.  How rad are
the lace fingerless gloves?  I would have killed for those at 4!

Goofing off at Grandma Kathy's House.
From top left: Caitlin, Auntie Anne, Me, Mac
Because Antlers are a fashion must have this time of year.
Should we even discuss the copious amounts of junk food that my kids ate this holiday season?  McDonald's became a staple.  You know they are giving out Alvin and the Chipmunks toys right?  Also a cupcake without finishing your dinner is the norm around the holidays.  Ok, that's a lie, it's pretty much a staple any time around these here parts!
Don't bother me.  I'm eating.
Excuse me while I get caffeinated.  It's gonna be a long night.

We even celebrated Christmas in the bath tub.  Why not?  You can't go anywhere with out seeing Christmas decorations, so why not in the tub.  Let's try out that "Santa" look that is so the in thing right now!
Santa doesn't deliver gifts to dirty kids. 
Yes, we said this!
Trying out the "Santa" look.
Here are the angels, waiting patiently to open gifts at my grandma's house on Christmas Eve.  Yeah, sure they are.  I'm doing my best to distract them with cookies!

How much LONGER?  Let's open gifts!

If I sit here, maybe they will let me open just one!

I'm still waiting!
So after Christmas Eve at my grandma's, we went home and John and I played Santa.  We tried to make it look like Santa outdid himself, instead of the truth, which is Santa ran out of dough.  Buddy Fiddlesticks, our elf, helped and let us know, he wasn't hitching a ride with the "Big Guy".
Heck no, I won't go!
Finally, FINALLY, on Christmas morning, it was my father in law's turn to celebrate Christmas with the munchkins.  I would love to post some wonderful pics of the kids opening their gifts, and the great food we served.  However, kids can set the land speed record for opening gifts.  Two camera clicks and it was over.  Just a bunch of paper and boxes.  So here is what we got.  Also, you really don't want to see the cinnamon roll tree that expanded and looked like my dead and wilting actual tree in my living room.  Oh well, I added sprinkles to the cinnamon roll tree.  It's all good.

Things we got, but not pictured.  Princess Tiana and her gumbo kitchen.  For reals that's what it said on the box.  Or Caitlin's new Baby Alive that eats and poops.  Yeah because I need one more butt to wipe around here (ha ha).  Or Mac's tea set, mini texting phone, or baby laptop.  Ok, well here is Caitlin trying out her new skates!
Look at me!
Christmas afternoon I spent on the couch, in my pjs, while Mac napped.  Caitlin and daddy did the skating, opening everything else, cleaning up thing, and I laid on our couch with Mindy Kaling's book.  Seriously.  I did nothing.  Ok, I ate a few cookies, and drank some tea.  I drew the line at actually combing my hair.  After Mac's nap, we packed up the car and headed to my grandma's again for what I have to say was a delicious turkey dinner.  Also it was a nice quiet evening with family.

So all in all a wonderful Christmas.  All 5 of them.  Like I said we are unbelievably blesses to celebrate it 5 times, and all 5 times were amazing.

I hope you had an amazing Christmas with your families.  How's your Christmas hangover?

Happy Blogging and recovering,

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