It's Christmas. Go with it!

So I had my night all planned out.  You know baking, baking, wrapping, baking, wrapping, and then some more baking.  I was also really wanting to blog about a few things, you know right before Christmas.  Like Caitlin's Christmas program video and photos.  A Christmas questionnaire that a bunch of bloggers are doing that sounded like fun.  Oh and a post about the adventures of Buddy Fiddlesticks.  But all that got put on hold for a while tonight.

See, the Hubbs came home and decided he wanted to got to Target.  To check it out.  To get out in all that Christmas cheer... Uh?  Hellooo Crazy!  It's 3 days before the main event, and you want to go check it out?  So I debated, maybe just send him and the kiddos.  Then I could get a number of things done without distraction.  Then I debated and rescheduled my baking.  Then I thought about all the posts I could finish in a matter of moments...

Then I stopped.  Because the Hubbs RARELY wants to go out and shop.  Because he really wanted all of us to go.  Because I remembered "night shopping", and Christmas cheer, and that it's just 3 days until Christmas! 

So I went with it.  We went to Target.  We took B. Fiddlesticks along for an awesome adventure too!  Pictures to follow.  We walked, we shopped, and we bought just a few extras that we probably could have done without.  And it was fun, and the kids fussed per usual, and we almost bought a TV.  We listened to Michael Buble in the car, and I loved every stinking minute of it. 

I think it's just what I needed, because in all the grocery shopping, Costco, school Christmas gingerbread making party, I got lost and said, "I can't wait for this Christmas to come, because it's not really fun this year".  But it looks like both BIG GUYS knew exactly what I needed.  Some Christmas cheer in the form of commerce, icees, and outta this world Christmas music.

I'm better now.  No more Bah-Humbug.  I'm going to go with the flow... It is just 3 days before Christmas, you know!

Happy Blogging,

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  1. I did a little night shopping with my Bela tonight and thought of your post,,, I hope that someday she will remember fondly all of our night shopping experiences. It's without a doubt the most fun shopping of all and when I she gets to enjoy me all to herself. I'm so glad you had that moment of Christmas perfection with your foursome. I need to get that Michael Buble cd... this is ridiculous! I hope your next 2 days will go smoothly~ Merry Christmas~