New Year's: Then vs. Now


It was the last time I stayed out/up PAST MIDNIGHT.

I was pregnant with Caitlin.

I got dressed up and John and I went to a friends house.

It was cold and I was tired and I had fun until I was ready for bed or some mint chip ice cream.  Neither were at said house party.

We went home, and went to bed around 2 am.

On New Years Day I slept in.  As late as I wanted.

I got up and ate breakfast on the couch, while watching TV.  Real TV, like news or a movie.

By noon it was pretty clear that John and I would not be leaving the house.

So I laid on the couch all day in my pjs and watch the entire first season of Grey's Anatomy on DVD.  It had been a much celebrated Christmas gift that year.

And when that was over, I got up, still in pjs, unwashed hair, and old makeup and got in the car.  I drove to Target and bought Grey's season 2 and holiday edition peanut butter cups that were like 75%off retail.

Went back home.  Back to the couch and started watching.  Eating peanutbutter cups. 

No one wanted to watch Nick Jr.  No one needed a diaper change, or a butt wiped or a bottle or goldfish crackers.

It was just me, the couch, peanutbutter cups, and Grey's Anatomy.

It's a great memory that I treasure.

But I wouldn't change anything about my life
that's happened since.


Nick Jr or Disney will be on TV. 

I will for sure at some point be changing a diaper, wiping a butt, and someone will be screaming for goldfish or oreos, no doubt. 

It's a safe bet that I will be in pjs all day and do some minimal lounging on the couch.  Between wiping butts, showering my kids with oreos, and feeding my Pinterest addiction.  I'll find some me time, if I get a shower.

And I will be just as happy, and doubly blessed.

Happy Blogging and Happy New Years,

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