A look back...

2011 in pictures...

January.  Getting down to business.
On our Barbie computer.
Happy Valentine's Day. 
Seriously one of my favorite pictures of these two!
Happy St. Patrick's Day! 
Kiss me, really! 
I'm Irish!
Easter and Mac's first birthday! 
Oh and Mac tried to kill that bunny...

What about it?
This was our Mother's day card.
Mac is actually crying.
First trip to the Monterey Bay Aquarium in June.
That's us, in a clam shell!
Also in June.
Third celebration for a fourth birthday.
Spoiled much?
And, yes, I made that cake!
Fourth of July at Grandpa Roy's Pool.
Like every year since I met the hubbs.
It's not the 4th without it.
I participated in my first link up!
Most hits to my blog ever from linking up with Little Miss Momma!
I took a million self portraits! 
Of course this is the one that killed.
Also August.
First day of Preschool. 
First day of many days of tears.
First day of independence for both of us.

Grandma put in a pool.
Let's celebrate in pink leopard print.
For sure!

Trick or Treat.
Can you tell Mac is ready to go home.
Look at this classy little lady.
All dressed up for Thanksgiving.
Well at least she looks that way.
The knees of her cream tights are muddy!
Being brave with Santa!
You can read about it here.
We went all out this year!
Good-bye 2011.  We had so much fun.  Thanks for the memories!

Happy Blogging,

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