A Simple Dream...

This weekend is a holiday for most us.  An extra day to relax, or shop, some extra family time if you don't have to work.  It's also in honor of Martin Luther King Jr.  It's not that I don't remember MLK, I just forgot about the holiday until I picked Caitlin up from school on Wednesday.

This is her artistic interpretation of Martin Luther King Jr.

I'm sure she didn't set out to make a political statement by using the colors she did.  She's four years old.  I'm sure those were just the colors that she chose that day.  I notice a lot of purple which is currently her favorite color. 

I have to admit, my heart melted that he was painted as a rainbow.  Because at the heart of it, wasn't that his point.  That we are all part of a beautiful rainbow, living together to make something beautiful and rare?  I teared up at the simplicity of a child's mind.  That she made such a statement, and didn't even realize it.

So on our way home, I asked her about Mr. Martin Luther King Jr.  This is where it got a little comical.  She made sure to tell me that he wasn't "Bah-Wack Oder-bomma", that he was "Luder the King".  I giggled, but said that his name was Martin Luther King Jr.  Then I asked her to tell me what she learned about him. 

She said: 
"He had a dream that everyone would be nice to
each other and play together"

Yes he did, sweet innocent child, he surely did.

Is it really that simple friends?  To be nice and play together? 

Something tells me the dream really is that simple...

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