Happy Birthday to Me!

Absolute Mommy is one year old today!

Can you believe it?

No, really... I can't believe it either!

It went by so fast.

I had so much fun.

I met some amazing bloggers!  This blogging community rocks!

In celebration the lovely ladies at the letter 4 have generously created this printable to help me celebrate!

Yes, those, the letter 4 gals!  The ones with the amazing blog, with the amazing tutorials on crafts and hair, with the endless inspiration, and yes the ones who were on MARTHA!!  Yeah, THEE Martha!

What started out as some tweeting over Twitter has turned into a bloggy friendship.  Their support has been phenom, and they are genuine.  You can feel it. 

So THANK YOU the letter 4!  I cried happy tears when I got this in my email!  This printable is my motto.  It's what I use to get inspired.  To get right with what's happening in my world.  To push through the bad and to highlight the good.  Just like Dori, my favorite fish, when life gets tough, what do we do?  We  blog, we blog!

So please celebrate with me!  Print out this lovely printable, put it on your inspiration board, your fridge, on your mirror.  Look and it and be reminded that no matter what happens, we just keep...

Happy Blogging,


  1. Happy Bloggy Birthday Megs!! Keep up the great work. I feel like your blog is going to open up SO many doors for your future. Thank you for all the helpful tips getting me started. Let's work together soon! :) Blessings.


  2. How fun!! Happy Blogging Birthday lovely!!! SO happy we "met" here :) Have a great day! XOXO