Forever 21 and a Xanax

Forever 21 isn't new to me.  I'm not that old or unfashionable.  I've shopped there before, both in store and online.  I love it just as much as the next girl/woman 16-34ish give or take.  Well I'll be 34 this year, so I'm making it 34ish.  But, I haven't shopped there in a while, because thinking about shopping there makes me break out in a cold sweat.  Don't laugh.  The Forever 21 here is Fresno is THREE stories.  Yeah, ladies, THREE.

THREE stories of delicious and ridiculous bargains and steals.  Three stories of yummy gotta have it prints, scarves, and earrings that OMG are $1.80!  ONE DOLLAR EIGHTY CENTS... The pressure of all this fashion packed into three towering stories made me want to pop a Xanax.  The pressure of having to rush through it all.  I just knew in my heart I would miss out on something amazing and then I'd be crying, sitting next to the nail polish table, holding a scrunchie (they're baaack) and a feather headband, trying to crawl my way back to sanity.  I'm not joking here folks, this had the potential for Fashion Melt Down Train Wreck 2012.  And isn't that the real crime?  That I'd miss some really great bargain, and never know the glory of wearing a Lady Gaga inspired ruffle shirt covered in blue galloping horses.  Am I right?

So last Sunday, my cousin Kim, who is like my shopping guru, and I went to THE MALL.  The mall, meaning the good one with Sephora, American Eagle, and  the panic inducing Forever 21.  We started out slow, and then I made my move.  I put on my big girl panties and said let's do this.  But I had one condition.  We had to stay on the first floor.  She could certainly go to other floors, but I would not be joining in fear of her having to call the ambulance.  Kim, being Kim, totally understanding and unselfish, held my trembling hand and lead me in.  And I instantly went coo-coo bananas over it all. 

Are you joking me that there are $4 scarves, a kitty faced hand mirror for $1, and nail polish that would put Crayola to shame in it's colors.  And the clothes.  OMG the clothes.  The nautical sweatshirt, that looks like a real navy top, like the one Popeye wears.  No, I didn't buy it, because the husband draws the invisible line at military garb, paisley, and neon.  No joke. 

As a side note, we saw the most amazing sweatshirt pictured below, and being overwhelmed my affordable fashion, I didn't buy it, but my goodness I should of. 
Courtesy of Forever 21
If that isn't the most ridiculous sweatshirt, I don't know what is, and I'm kicking myself for not buying and understanding it's glory then.  It's epic!  It's like the perfect sweatshirt for Easter right?  Who doesn't love a rabbit, and then to class it up with a top hat ?  Seriously?  It's dressed and ready to hit the Easter Parade, or at the very least Easter brunch.  Further proof I need a Xanax last Sunday.  Or a Starbucks.  Or quite possibly both.

So I did it.  I conquered my fear of the three story Forever 21, well at least the first floor.  It was great, but now I'm in a depression about the two floors of awesome-ness I missed out on.  Oh, and before I forget look at the haul my four year old got.

There may or may not have been a "Mommy are you coming home yet?" call prior to this purchase.  This is mommy guilt in motion folks.  And really look at those Hello Kitty tissues.  Everyone, I don't care how old you get will always smile and squeal when presented with HK tissues.  And yes, that's lip gloss and nail polish, and the stinking cutest hand mirror $1 could buy.  Don't ask me how much this cost, because I don't want to be divorced for financial irresponsibility.  Also you'd just die!

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  1. Love this post! It sure was an adventure but we did it! Next time we must takle another floor! Oh and please buy that rabbit sweatshirt, that way you can do a post about wearing it :)

    1. For sure! And wasn't it wearing a monicle like the Monopoly man? I swear it was! LMAO

  2. I had no idea they had such cheap stuff! I looked online once and they seemed kinda pricey..

  3. Hahaha...I get like that too in certain stores. Just overwhelmed by the sheer awesomeness of it all and then I get anxiety because I can't buy EVERYTHING.

    Now I want to go shopping...

  4. I'll find the Xanax. I want to go! I'll hold your hand if you hold mine and we'll tackle the second and third floor...Together. Next time Kim is here...IT'S ON!! Also, we might need to drink too, because I want to go to Charming Charlie's!

  5. haha! you are a doll. :)

    so glad people came over to your awesome space here. that post really was amazing.


  6. I thought I was the only one!! Forever 21 seriously overwhelms the crap outta me!! We have one that is 3 stories too and I rarely make it through the first floor without feeling like I'm going to have an anxiety attack lol!!

  7. I am a new follower via Lena. I just related to every word you said and how you said it. I have 3 daughters 5, 11 and 14 years old. They all love F21 equally as I do. Please insert 2 xanax for shopping with a 14 year old on the inside of a Forever 21.

  8. Three stories?! How crazy!!!!!!! I can barely handle the one story here! Can't wait to see you rock all the pretty things you got! Love ya! Thanks for linkin up!! XO

  9. I agree...when I step into Fashion Fair I have to avoid F21 for that same reason...Im like sponge bob..."escalator escalator WEEEE!" Very funny post, you had me smiling.