WWW: AbsoluteMommy tries out some "Fashion"

Last month I decided I would try out some WIW (what I wore) posts.  There are some fun link ups, but I knew that it would be great to challenge myself to actually get dressed.  You know besides those yoga pants.  So I really wanted a weekly WIW, but then the holidays hit and I put it and fashion of the back burner.  Also, I had started to post WCW (what Caitlin wore), to high light the fashion ingenuity that my four year old daughter has.  Seriously she will know your socks off.  I'm starting to call her "Lil' Zoe" after thee Rachel Zoe.  Seriously, I die!

So to start 2012 off right here are some looks that were tried in the last week of 2011, and a few from New Years day.  This post is kicking off MORE WIW and WCW, but today we are going to combine for WWW (what we wore). 

Also as an editor's note (me), I'm going to let you know that this will be all iPhone pics.  This is because my hubby falls out laughing when I ask him to photog my outfits.  Like he starts singing "Your so vain" and giggles and snickers.  While I know it's out of love, I get red and frustrated.  So I started doing my own pics in my bathroom mirror.  And that was fine until he found me doing it and got the slumberparty giggles... Alas, it is kind of laughable, but I'm having fun...

WWW:  Goodbye 2011, HELLO 2012

Red jeggings, gold sweater: Target
Old Tank to layer: Closet
Boots: Khols
Necklace:  Jewel Kade
Necklace in my kiddos' initials.
I also wore this outfit Christmas Eve
New Year's EVE
Navy Blazer:  Banana Republic (last year outlet!)
Cream V-neck sweater:  Target (last year)
Skinny Jeans (Mudd brand) and boots:  Kohls
Necklace: Silpada
Red polka dot scarf:  Old Navy (recent)
Harry Potter bangle:  My BF bought from Etsy
She has the same one!
Oh and I tried a new way to "poof" my pony on Pinterest.
New Year's Day
Shawn White Flannel:  Target (boys)
Gray Leggings: OldNavy
White Soccer Mom Vest: Eddie Bauer Outlet last yr
Sunglasses:  Target
The flannel is so comfy, the glasses are my favorite accessory right now,
and I loved popping my collar.  Am I a dork?
Also I love this vest like a limb,
and feel like a soccer mom wearing it at the same time.
What do you think friends?

Caitlin's Looks
This is what Caitlin wore to Target the other night.
The look was entirely her styling.
Hello Kitty Shirt, leggings, white undershirt, and skirt: Target
Boots: Target.com
Hair by Mommy

This is the Snow White outfit she bought with her own gift card.
Snow White shirt and tutu, sparkly ballet flats,
white tights, and leg warmers: Target
Her "bear ears" hairstyle by Mommy

New Years Day
To say Caitlin is obsessed with unicorns is an understatement!
She LOVES them!  Wants a unicorn birthday, etc.
This entire look is by Target.  Wow, do we notice a trend here?
The Harajuku Mini shoes are to die for!  Gwen Stefani is the Wo-MAN!
Both girls have these shoes!  And hand to God, if they had my size I would too!
What do you think friends?  Did we do good?  Do I have a fashionista on my hands?  I'm going to have to get Mac in on this challenge too.  I feel a little guilty about leaving her out.  However her style includes Poptart stained shirts and a Cheeto face so we shall see...  Looking forward to more WIW posts and actually challenging myself to wear something other than sweatshirts and yoga pants!

Happy Blogging,


  1. I just discovered your blog and am a new follower! You both look adorable! :)


  2. You are SO pretty!! :) And goodness you are brave even to ASK your hubby to photograph your outfit posts.. I am too shy to even ask mine because I know he will laugh! LOL Ive had my sister do some and even my 8 year old daughter! haha :)

  3. You both rocked every outfit!!Love the red jeggings, love the poof (bigger is better baby!), and LOVE that you got that shirt from the boys section! I do that too!!!!!!!!!!!! Now on to Caitlin... she is a doll. Period. P.S. Those shoes are awesome!!! Looking forward to more WIW posts from you lovely girls! XO

  4. Your newest follower here! I loved this post, love your daughters name ;) and love all your styles!

    I agree with Kristine, looking forward to more WIW posts!


  5. gorgeous as always! Love those red pants, and yes....little girl is a FASHIONISTA!!!!!!! Love her!